Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Snap, Crackle & Pop!

Its the sound of deliciousness when it's coming from your cereal bowl. But, when you're yanking out your ponytail, not so much.

What to do? What to DO?! I know my hair has been growing steadily since I chopped it all off and sent the ponytail to Locks for Love last February...but Damn! I hadn't realized it was THIS long.

Pay no attention to the shine...I was just playing softball. By the way, this picture was taken at 11:00 p.m. when the sun directly hits our living room from the front windows.

For the past, oh… 15 years, I’ve let my hair grow, cut it, sent it out, let it grow, cut it, etc…so If you see little kids with orangy brown hair that’s never been dyed, or processed, its probably from me…its kinda wiry too.

As I sat in a staff meeting yesterday, I noticed something…A split end. One. Ugh…time to cut my hair. If you know me, I don’t use “product” in my hair, its lucky enough to taste conditioner once in a while. Shoot, I even use SOAP on it, GASP! You know cause I’m L.A.Z.Y! Oh yeah, my hair dryer from like 1995 would like to be adopted to someone who might use him more than once in three years.

Its long, I want it short.
Cut it, cry and wish I could press rewind to make it grow back. I can’t dye it, as I’m allergic to EVERYTHING…so I’m stuck in this brown rut of nothingness until I either cut it, or fix it (pshyeah right!).

I wonder if obsessive-compulsive behavior is a side effect of having hair.
I see long hair, short hair, spiky hair, and as facebook told me, I have NERDY hair…I’ve seen purple hair, no hair (DEAN!), and multicolored hair.

My very own coffee...made by ME, of course!

As I sit here staring at my coffee, I wonder...if somewhere out there, there’s a coffee treatment for hair.
By the way, I like my coffee with a lot of milk, some caramel syrup and which chocolate powder. So…I doubt I’ll be Coffee-izing my hair anytime soon!

It’s all just not for me. I’m simple. I like long hair, but when you have a thick mane like I do, it’s HEAVY. I don’t like to fix it, other than to put it in a bun, or ponytail, with METAL clasps, GASP! I use markers, pens, pencils, sticks, and even scissors to hold my hair in a bun. Is it wrong to want long hair, but not want it to, you know, touch you anywhere?!

Any suggestions?!
Here are my boundaries: Long enough for a ponytail, no bangs, no color, wash and go, and no use of products, or electronics (dryer, curling iron, etc).

too long
P.S. those natural. Courtesy of the sun and being a half-breed!

The long and short of it, (hyuk, yuk!) is that when you're pulling hair out of your butt crack.…its time for a cut!


Anonymous said...

Your site is great. Love to learn about life up North. Keep it up.

Anonymous said... and me in the same boat in the hair department. I chopped it off and although i can still get it into a ponytail, it's not've have to graduate to clips. so cutting it made me feel a little better but not so much since it's on my neck and it's HOT, as in temp wise. good luck in whatever decision you make!

this is Nicole by the way, i'm too lazy to sign in...

Anonymous said...

-------> Kinda a hair junkie.

Even if you just put alot of layers in it you could still keep it at any length and it would have a little more depth to it.

personally I like how long and healthy your hair looks.. But I used to have hair past my shoulders, but my hair also is VERY thick, so I know how heavy a pony must be!

If you thin it a tad and layer it. Maybe cut about 4 inches off.. You could still keep your oh so pretty hair but just give it a new look!

Sorry I ramble!

jen said...

You hair is amazing! However with all your conditions maybe all you might do is shorten it a little and add some layers. I think whatever is your choice, you can't go wrong seeing as it grows so quickly. Mine takes YEARS to grow and I've never seen it as long as yours. I'm with you though right now, ready for a hair change.

Unknown said...

You don't use product on your hair? OMG you are so lucky. I too have thick hair but if I tried to go without conditioner or gel or SOMETHING then I'd end up with a long afro. :P

Love the blog! (first time visitor here)

I'm having the same 'what to do with it' issue with my hair so I'll be back to see what you