Thursday, September 30, 2010

Random Thursdays

I decided I'm going to be lazy tonight. So here are a few random things to help tide you over until tomorrow afternoon's post!

1. It's snowing up here. Yep. Winter is here. While the rest of you get to enjoy your apple picking, pumpkin patch, autumn leaves and cool fall nights, we up here in Northern AK get to watch it snow.

let it SNOW

In our LL Bean fleece robes!

2. My husband is SO HOT! And I mean that in the most corny, childish, twitterpated way! I love this photo. It's not professional by any means, but it shows him in his element and he just looks so delicious I could...nevermind. Anyway, I still look at him and think he's hot.

hotty with the cute doggy

Our dog's not too shabby either!

3. My daughter learned how to "cook" last night and therefore opened her own "restaurant." She made us all "Brinner" (Breakfast for Dinner for those of you without imaginations!) When I was younger, I thought my mom invented this dish. And I'm gonna stick to that story! She's genius. So, for Brinner, we had "Hole-in-the-toast-egg-in-the-middle." Then guess what we had for breakfast? Yep, Hole-in-the-toast-egg-in-the-middle. And uhm, guess what we're having for dinner again! Oh, not Hole-in-the-toast-egg-in-the-middle!

hole in the toast

By the way, every time you say it you have to say the ENTIRE thing, Hole-in-the-toast-egg-in-the-middle. And she will have her first "tute" tomorrow on the blog!

Here is a menu from my daughter's restaurant: "Kaisa's Restaurant Menu: Girl cheese - $3. Hole-in-the-toste-egg-in-the-middl - $4. Penut butter and jelly sandwich - $3. Aple - $2. Juce - $1. Milk - $1. Jump on my trampaline - $2. Hugs and kiss's - Free"

Should I tell her that the trampoline is full of snow?



Julia said...

that toast looks yummy.

Your dog looks beautiful.

And your husband, well, I've had this in mind for a while when reading your blog and as I am in another hemisphere, it seems safe to say he is really hot, hahaha!

gpc said...

Those hugs and kisses are a real bargain! I think it's wonderful that you still feel "that way" about your husband. It makes me happy and jealous, both.

Sabrina said...

I really don't think I'd enjoy a jump on that trampoline right now, but I'd sure like one of those girl cheese sandwiches! And I agree, your hubby's hot! ;-)