Wednesday, September 8, 2010

In my world...


In my world we sneak off to check my uncles subsistence net and cut all the fish on it and hurry up and put it back in the ice cold Chukchi Sea before he comes back from hunting. And then yell loudly when a huge school of salmon hits the net and sinks it fifteen minutes later. (So much for "stealing" fish, he got double what we got!)


In my world, we don't wear gloves to cut fish, and we use an ulu. My aunt stands above me while watching to make sure I'm doing it right, while not wasting any precious salmon. And I do it right every time. Cause I'm good and there are barely any bones on my fillets.


Then we get to eat Akutuq (Eskimo Ice Cream) every day after watching Aana cut up the caribou fat with an ulu and asking her why she didn't use a grater instead.

aana cutting

Then getting yelled at, "CAUSE SOMEONE BORROW IT, that's why!"

And then you take her photo and she says, "You and your camera." And then smiles.


In my world, after filleting fish, we separate the eggs to make caviar and boiled heads and eggs for dinner, after dessert!


And the kids play the best game ever, Pick-2 Crazy 8's.


And I watch as the youngest one, who is just learning how to play has THE PERFECT hand! (Under those 2's she had two 8's!)


In my world, after dinner is done, the dishes are cleaned, and the fish is put away or hanging on racks, the littles get ready for bed.


And read Archie Comics.


And eat more Akutuq cause its that good, then go to bed fat and sassy.

In my world.


Tam said...

Wow. What a fabulous post with such beautiful photos of the people & the food. Yum. :)

Doin' It Myself said...

I'm a total "2 silver limit" girl - altho I wish it weren't down here. But I say this because all I could think when I saw all the roe was, OMG, look at all that bait! <<< Wishes she wasn't quite so stuck in town.

Heather said...

I so want to visit your world!

Anonymous said...

yum! fresh fish and egg soup.. i soo need this and aku.. my soul renewed.. i been away too long... you guys, cool