Monday, September 20, 2010

Fall time life up here...

Fall time is filled with lazy Indian Summer days. This weekend, the temperature hovered around 65 degrees. At times on my deck, my grill was upset because it registered 80 and I hadn't put any hamburgers or shishkabobs on it yet. I think it was feeling left out.


The yellow willow leaves didn't know whether to try to turn green again, or fall onto the ground worshiping the weather. I chose to worship by sitting at home all day.

kutvaks front

I was feeling sort of snotty, because Dean and Koy had left Kaisa and I all weekend long to go hunting (in a loose sense of the word) with friends up the other river. We were left behind. Very cheap indeed. But all that gas money and grocery money was spent in vain, because they didn't catch anything but some bug bites and scenery.


Me on the other hand... I got a caribou sitting on the couch. :) Cause I'm sort of sneaky like that.

Actually, our friends who borrowed our boat called and said that he caught seven and wanted to know if I wanted one. Of course I said YES, and rushed right over.

Total spent by me? $10 on an 8' X 10' tarp to put it on.

kutvaks side

Not only that, my aana called, and my uncle called and said that the caribou were behind camp. My aana calls me every day from camp. Yesterday she said, "I just wanna call to talk to you all the time. Too bad you're not here with me. Adii ah?!"


ADII. (uh-dee, its an Eskimo complaint word)

girls picking

So, Dean and Koy are headed out Monday morning (today) to say the week at camp and hopefully bag a few 'Bou for our freezer and yours. (Well, not really YOURS, but if you're my family, then yes, yours!)


If we didn't have Board meetings all week, then I'd be out there too. Sigh... stupid work is always getting in the way of living the simple life.


Anonymous said...

thats real darn awsome! can we have stories like this daily?

Non-Mommy said...

Fall looks beautiful up there!

I like your header, as well.

bea's blog said...

You can be very lucky to have so many berries.
Our blueberries are very poor this year, what is quite a tragedy. There are only huge blackberries everywhere, even at the railway station. We don't have that much free space anyway inbetween all these cities, streets and industry overhere; we live in a small country!
Fall is here, too, very early! Temps are similar to your already, but we expect some sunny, warmer days still this week!
Thanx for sharing your pix!
Enjoy the berries...•●⊱╮• •●⊱╮•
Beatrice from Germany

Anonymous said...

my kids are 4 and 5, we've spent the past 2 great years in kotz...they are white as white can be and we lived in missouri/texas before alaska. anyway, every other word out of their mouths is ADII, but it's funny b/c they have a bit of a southern twang w/ everything else they say. our relatives are always asking me what adii means...just thought i'd share.