Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Bieber Fever

My seven year old is convinced that in addition to her "boyfriend since birth" Tarren, she is going to marry Justin Bieber. She says that Tarren won't mind cause Justin is taller than her and "you HAVE to have a taller husband. That's the rules."

Needless to say, she asks (makes) us download every single Justin Bieber song on iTunes so she can put them on her iPod and memorize.

Here's my baby (and wait long enough, you'll see my awesome husband and HIS Justin Bieber impression!)

She won 2nd place at our 4th of July Lip Sync contest doing this song. Only at home, she looks much cooler!


Finnskimo said...

Yes, my husband's question in the background was, "So, what do y'all kill them with?"

See, I told you we're sort of savage! That's every day banter man!

Sabrina said...

She's just adorable! I <3 it! Also, it was totally worth watching because she's really good, and I laughed when I saw Dean in the it Kaisa, Big Daddy's gonna be some tough competition come next 4th of July...hahaha

So, what was he killing?

Heather J. said...

I've never even heard a JB song until now. Of course, I'd heard about him (who hasn't), and I know who he is. I really need to start playing music for my kids, more often.

gpc said...

Cute -- she can do better than Justin Bieber, but it's just as well she doesn't know yet what a little heartbreaker she's going to be!

Jennifer Montero said...

I've tried to explain to my husband who Justin Bieber is, and he keeps saying "Bebo who? What's Bebo?". I guess you have to be a tweenie to understand!

Arvay said...

She's crazy cute!