Monday, September 13, 2010

The boys are back in town...

And the girls too.


Saturday, my husband and a few friends and I took off from our camp about 10 miles from town on an adventure.

My Photographer. (All photos are courtesy and property of Dean Lukin)

Actually, we were looking for some Caribou, or moose, or pretty much anything we had a tag for.

Plenty of geese and seagulls later, and about 20 miles up the coast from our camp, we ran into these.


Musk Ox. AKA Tundra Cows. AKA Good Eats. AKA "Too bad we don't have a tag."


Dean, Koy and I all have Musk Ox tags but not for the northern herd. And since the Bull season ended early, we have to wait until January to see if the cow season opens to get another one. Last Year we only caught one. Sore subject, time to move on.


Agnes and I stayed on the 4-wheelers as Dean, Ray and the other two boys walked right up to the herd and took all these amazing photos. I sat there and laughed when the little baby musk ox tried to charge the men.


They were about 20 feet away from them when I finally yelled, "OK Dean, I don't need photos THAT bad!" They walked back to us and off we went.


These animals stick around the same spot year after year. When I was a kid we used to call them, "Johnson's pets" because they hung around behind Johnson Stalkers camp all year. They've moved a little more north though. But it's still nice to see them and say, "hi."


Ahh, such is life in Sisualik.


bea's blog said...

...ah, I would like some qiviut!!!
from Europe~~~~~~~~~

merinz said...

They are such beautiful creatures! And so much character in those faces.

merinz said...

Thank you for sharing them with us!

Anonymous said...

the 2nd to the last picture is awesome! the ox to the far right looks as if he's making a face!

Anonymous said...

beautiful, and such good eats
beautiful lives round your place eh

Heather said...

The photos of the musk ox just take my breath away! Oh, how I would love to see that for myself....
Thank you so much for sharing your life above the arctic circle!

Saima said...

awe look at the little baby one. I want a musk ox! You think John would let me have one? He lets me have as much chickens as I want!! hahaa