Thursday, September 30, 2010

7 layer dip for 7 teenage boys

OK, so for Koy's birthday, I was supposed to be at camp with Dean. Due to high winds and a very emotional self, Dean and I left on Saturday afternoon back to Kotzebue. Koy had texted me and said that his aana (my mom) made him the customary chili and rice and Strawberry Jello cake for his birthday already. And he thought I didn't need to come home, cause he already got his dinner and cake, right mom?


Momma needed to come home and baby her baby! Anyway, he was sort of disappointed that I came home because he was going to have a sleepover. So I told him he could still have one and that I'd leave them alone. I wouldn't tell them to "GO TO BED!" at midnight, and I'd let them stay up as late as they wanted, and I'd make them snacks, and I'd make sourdough hotcakes in the morning.

So, he agreed. (Whew!)

Here's the hand-me-down recipe for 7 layer dip that my mom taught us girls how to make. It is the BEST 7 layer dip EVER! (ever notice that everything that I post is THE BEST EVER! Well consider yourself lucky cause I don't share it unless its the BEST EVER!)

BEST EVER 7-layer dip (This recipe makes one spicy pan, and one wussy pan)

2 pie pans
1 large can refried beans
2 fresh jalapeno's
2 avocados (or store bought guac, which I don't recommend, but in Kotz, you can't get avocados year round!)
1 C Mayo
Squeeze of Lime Juice
Shakes of Garlic Powder
2 small jars Chopped, or sliced olives
1 container Sour Cream
1 packet Spicy Taco Seasoning
Shredded Cheddar Cheese
4 Roma Tomatoes, Chopped
1/4 C chopped onion
1/4 C chopped Cilantro

Layer 1

Place half the can of refried beans in each pie pan and spread with your fork.

Layer 2

For the Spicy Dip, finely chop the Jalapeno's (I use my Tupperware Quick Chef , the red one!) and place on top the beans layer.

For the wussy version (MY version) skip this layer, yours will only be a 6-layer dip!

Layer 3

Here's where I complain because I never, EVER buy storemade guacamole. But I had to because the avocado's were SO HARD I could have broken rocks on them!

Combine the following in a medium sized bowl: 2 mashed avocados, 1 C Mayonnaise, 1 squeeze of fresh lime, and several shakes of some garlic powder. Smoosh up as well as you can, and place half on each of the layers. (Unless you live above the Arctic Circle and can't get avocado's year round, then go buy some store brand guacamole and place in the pans. Yuk.)

Layer 4

Place 1 jar each of the chopped or sliced olives on the Guacamole layer.

Layer 4 sharp

Be VERY careful of the can lids. Never, ever ask your 2 year old daughter to run to the trash can with one, or she may trip and fall, and cut her thumb almost entirely off and then get teased for the rest of her life for having an ugly thumb that can never grow a nail.

layer 4 thumb

I forgive you mom. Really, I do.

layer 5

WUSSY VERSION: Place half of the sour cream very carefully on the olive layer. Usually, I drop globs (dallops, but I like to call them blobs, or globs, its much more fun this way!) strategically around a center glob then carefully spread it around.

layer 5 spicy

SPICY VERSION: Place about half the taco seasoning into the Sour Cream container and mix well. Then repeat for the wussy version spreading into the pan with the jalapeno layer in it. Confused? Eh, too bad. You'll get it!

layer 5 spice

layer 6

Place shredded cheddar cheese on both pans of dip.

layer 7

WUSSY VERSION: (I love calling it that!) Place half the chopped tomatoes on the non-spicy pan, and you're done.

SPICY VERSION: Mix the chopped cilantro, chopped onions and the rest of the tomatoes together (guess what? You just made Pico De Gallo! Multiply this by several, add a splash of lime juice and some sea salt and you have Pico! I'm sneaky like that, giving you two recipe's in one!) Place on top the cheese layer in the Spicy Pan, and you're done!

Get yourself some of those good thick tortilla chips and ENJOY!

So, I totally have blackmail photos of the seven teenage boys who stayed up very late playing several video games, but generally not waking this momma up too many times. I got up early, went downstairs and found several of the boys on the floor, curled up on the two beanbags I made, with their hoods pulled up and hats on. (Must have gotten cold on the floor) Then I found three boys sleeping together on a twin sized bed, all warm and cuddly! Must be nice to be skinny!

Ahh, OK, now that I wrote this, I'm going to go make some dip for lunch!


Neumaisse said...

Oh. Oh yeah. ::drool:: Could you possibly marry me, or adopt me or something? ;D

Laurie Constantino said...

The dip, it looks delicious, but your story telling is the real treat.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Laurie! I so look forward to your blog posts.