Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Lazy days...

I am too lazy to write anything today. So, I'll just share some photos of the "four best girls EVER!" According to my daughter!

(Everyone is the best girls ever, according to her!)

four girls

Karissa - age 5, Clara - age 9, Elizabeth - age 8, and Kaisa - age 7.

running away



kaisa and elizabeth

Camp girls at heart!

goofy girls

(And FYI to all you non-natives! The girls are all wearing Atikluks (UT-ick-looks) which is a form of Eskimo women's summer clothing. All of us wear them, but ESPECIALLY at camp. And yes, I do make them on the sewing machine! )


merinz said...

And they all look so smart, and happy and healthy and enjoying their summer.

Unknown said...

Very nice photos Maija. Seeing that four-wheeler track reminds me of landing on it...usually in the Hageland 206 with Eric Sieh flying.

Anonymous said...

Wow awesome pics....
It's just like looking at little Maija & Bessie all over again..
Made me smile !!!

Saima said...

LOVE the last picture of Kaisa, totally her MOTHERS daughter for sure!!!!! made me laugh so hard!