Monday, February 28, 2011

Challenge, Day 15 Part 2

A picture of something you want to do before you die.


People call me crafty. I can sew. I can craft. I can draw. I can paint.


I can cut and glue and color and create just about anything I see on TV, blogs, magazines, etc.




And I am so, so sad about that.


I really want to knit my own socks before I die.


Tracy said...

You're not the only one. :-( I can crochet though, but for some reason, knitting is beyond my capacity. lol

Anonymous said...

You already do a lot more stuff than a whole lot of people can do in their lifetime! You're awesome and I love reading your blog and about your creations.

Jennifer Montero said...

Oh Man - I want the pattern for those cardigans! Followed the link but just more enticing pictures. I'm only a beginner knitter, but once you get the basics, it's easier to progress. I just finished a basic cardigan from yarn I spun from my own sheep. Rustic but very warm.

Also kinda want the monster grown-up size...

Teri said...

It just takes practice. If you can learn to knit (and there are a lot of tutorials and videos about that on the Net these days), you can do socks. For a beginner, I'd recommend the two circular method. Half the stitches for the socks go on short circs and the other half on another short circ. You knit one half, then pick up the needle and knit the second half. It's easier than trying to learn on double points (which is what I use, having been a knitter for about 40 years now).

The pattern on the cardigan looks like a mosiac pattern. I could probably chart it out, if interested. Looks like it could be done top down. The problem is that would leave lots of boring knitting, once you get past the pattern, but sometimes that's a good thing.