Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Celebrate a Newborn Boy

Ahh, it's Celebrate the Boy Month over at MADE and Made by Rae and since my firstborn is just that...a BOY, this is going to be a great month. :)

Since my son just got a new parky, I made him some Beaver mittens this weekend. But left my phone at home with the photos. But last night after watching Glee and Raising Hope, I decided to make some mukluks.


What I was really excited about was that my internet and facebook friend Sabrina just had a baby BOY, so what PERFECT timing to do a CELEBRATE THE BOY post.


What does every newborn baby need? Why, Mukluks of course! Sure, people get blankets and clothes and all that jazz. But I like to make presents. And Newborn Boy mukluks are the best.

I will eventually have a tutorial and pattern on how to make these, but for now. Just enjoy looking at them! The ONLY thing that would make them better is if they were made out of Smoked Moose Hide. These beauties are made with Blue Felt and Deer Leather with Beaver trim.

mukluks again

:) Welcome to the world Baby James.


Anonymous said...

Precious little guy...wonderful mukluks...thanks for agreeing to do tutorial and pattern...I live in Idaho, but would love to learn some of your skills...finding the leather maybe a trip, but will figure that part out..again thanks

gpc said...

He is so adorable! And so are your mukluks. He is beyond cute and you are way beyond talented.

Josephine said...

Beautiful! Mmmmmm smoked moose hide - nothing smells better.

Sabrina said...

Oh Maija, this post just brought tears to my eyes! They are so beautiful, thank you so much! I can't wait to slip James' tiny little feet into them and show them off (I already sent the photo to ALL of my family and friends!)! He is 5 weeks today, I almost cannot believe it! I WOULD LOVE to have the pattern, and I'm going to find somewhere I can get actual hide to use on them, there has to be somewhere, maybe I'll post on craigslist. I've been your blog follower since Michele @ fourtimesthefun posted about your hands over a year ago. I LOVE your blog! I always learn something, and have brought my kids in to enjoy it too, so they are learning things as well! I will stop complaining about my snow now, since yours is unbelievably worse! I'd live on my snow-machine there!