Monday, February 21, 2011

Challenge, Day 14

A picture of someone you could never imagine your life without.

Well. I'm a mom. And a wife. So how can you ask a mom and a wife to choose between her children and her husband?

You can't. So you get all the photos! :)

My sonny boy, who grounded me and my wings that wanted nothing more to do then get away from this podunk horrible small town with nothing in my future. I came crawling back humbled on my hands and keens with my son because as much as I tried, I could not imagine raising my son anywhere but here. I could not imagine an Eskimo boy in a city.


I could not imagine his memories of growing up without shooting guns, going hunting, going to Kotzebue High School, playing basketball, Wrestling, running around in the dark cold winter with his friends, or taking the snowmachines to hunt ptarmigan for his aana.

I could not imagine his memories being that of riding in cars and seat belts and streetlights. Being home not because its late, but because someone might grab him and worrying about his whereabouts in a city. I couldn't imagine him not being at camp, in a small plane, and on a snowmachine. Just as I couldn't imagine my life without my fourteen year old son.

funny girl

My daughter who is nothing more than a firecracker with a temper as long as mine. And mine is nonexistent. My girly girl who loves Justin Bieber as much as she loves Queen and Journey. My singing, dancing, crying, laughing, dramatic little girl who I watch in awe of because her mind is going, going, going, going... The energizer bunny has nothing on this kid.


She likes to ride on snowmachines and shoot guns with her pink polish and purple hat. She loves fishing more than I do and will sit for HOURS fishing to catch more than me. She's as competitive as I am and will fight until tears roll down SOMEONE's face and they give in.

My smarty pants girl who has after school activities every day after school; Library Club, Cookie Club, Girl Scouts, Piano lessons, Basketball Practice, Self-Managers Club, etc. She actually asked a teacher if she would have her "club" at four thirty because she couldn't fit "it into her schedule" and was denied. She said, "OK then I'm going to have to make a priority list and figure it out from there. I'll let you know."

momma and kaiki

She's seven, my mini-me! And I would be bored to death without her constant jabber in my life!

My step-kids. Children, not goats! They come for the best part of the year, when its sunny 24 hours a day and the lazy days of summer are among us. They arrive excited and wonder what's in store for them with their friends who pick up like they've never left.

Max who is in his dad's back pocket 24 hours a day, and loves to hunt, will fish for HOURS and hours without a single bite and who likes to ride his bike to the store for a candy bar!

scope burn

And Maddie who will babysit anything from a puppy to a frog to a baby. She will get her hands dirty gutting seals and cutting blubber. She loves to bake and sing and dance and play. Their lives forever touched mine.


And my husband. The one I chose to love and who chose me, despite my minuscule temper, and my constant crazy life. The one who says I gave him wings. (How do you give wings to someone who knows how to fly?) I knew he'd soar above us watching like an eagle striking those who try to hurt us.

dean flying

My husband who I am constantly amazed at because every day he has a new project. Earrings, Knives, Cabinets, Shelves, Walls, Snowmachines, Airplanes, Traps, etc. He is always creating something wonderful. And I love that I am the one who he shows first.


My husband who allowed me to love my small town, my camp and allowed me to see through his eyes just how wonderful it is. Only he knew I'd be miserable anywhere but here.

There you go. The people I can't imagine my life without. Ahh...

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