Thursday, February 24, 2011

Storm Birthdays...

29 years ago my sister was born in a storm. My mom and dad left me alone at home because it was storming so bad that they couldn't see. But she was in labor and my dad can handle all things animal, no things human! He wasn't gonna deliver that baby. No way, No how.

mom and Saima
Mom and Saima in the Baby Contest 28 years ago.

So they ventured out with a snowmachine and sled behind. They got stuck. My dad gunned it and my mom pushed them out. Then a few minutes later she pushed Saima out.

She's tough.

mom shoveling
See how tough she is. This is how she shovels.

For the past 29 years it has been stormy on her birthday. Here is the view from my open window....


When its nice out there is a huge maintenance shop with four large garage doors right there. Squint your eyes, you can see the doors. Go ahead...look REALLY closely. See. A maintenance shop! Right there!

In honor of her birthday, I'm gonna go out on a limb and write her a poem:

Ode to a Chicken Mama.

snookie saima

Oh Chicken Mama,
with your Tundra Chickens so warm
In their bed of imported hay,
Even in the birthday storm.

us three

I remember when you were born,
Cause I was not a happy girl.
Why did we need another baby?
You made me want to hurl.

Us again

But eventually we got along,
Even if it took twenty five years.
I'll still never forget the time
You tried to kill me in tears.

saima cutting

But Oh Chicken mama,
You're almost thirty now.
And its time to listen to your big sister,
I'll even show you how!


Happy 29th Birthday Saima!

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