Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Photo Challenge, Day 5

Pictures of your favorite Memory.

dean and maija

I have two kids. They are awesome. And I really want to say my favorite memories are the days that they were born. But I'd be lying. Because truth be told, I was sort of out of it when they were born. (I have two kids that I actually gave birth to. I have two more kids too, but I didn't give birth to them, I inherited them!)

playing with cousins

For my son, I was 19 years old, alone and very, VERY scared. I didn't know anyone, and I didn't have any friends who would come hold my hand. I was in Orlando, FL without my family by my side. The memory of holding him and looking at his tiny little hands is almost overshadowed by the fact that I didn't really know what I was doing.


For my daughter, I was surrounded by family. My mom, aunt, my daughter's God Mother and her dad were all there. There was a resident OB who was learning the ropes and the dude that blew my three veins trying to get an IV in. There were nurses and doctors rushing around, and at one time, a security guard in the room. She was born with her arm above her head and when I heard, "Oh, there's the problem..." I pretty much lost it. In addition to all that commotion, they had given me something to "calm me down" which ended up being something to DRUG me up. So, I was not a happy camper.


My favorite memories are all at our camp in Sisualik. I love walking down the beach to find shells, and this year, to find starfish. I love getting water and I actually LOVE doing dishes.


I ran away from this place when I was 18 years old, only to come running back to it when I realized what an awesome and majestic place it was. I left knowing I'd never return and brushing it away, only to come back wanting more.

cutting fish

picking berries

I swore I'd never pick another stupid berry again. I'd buy them all, only to ask for time off of work to pick 37 gallons of berries last year. One at a time, mostly at camp. Cranberries, Blackberries and Blueberries are the berries of choice. A few years ago, my mom and I picked over 12 gallons of Aqpiks at camp. And Aqpiks are berries that you find ONE at a TIME. One berry per plant.



My favorite memories of camp are the same ones my daughter and son will have. Playing cards, running around on the beach, checking the net, cutting fish, eating hotcakes, killing squirrels, cutting meat that someone caught, going duck hunting, taking Sauna's, walking to the neighbors in Nuvuguraq, picking up shells, making a fire and swimming in the ocean, playing kick the can in the dark, playing Norwegian with family, kiviting because your cousins won't play with you, warming up by the woodstove, and reading Archie Comics.



Sisualik, It sticks to your heart and soul like really, really good hotcakes for breakfast.


Annette Donaldson said...

YOU HAVE SUCH AN AMAZING TALENT AS A WRITER!! I just crave going to camp even more...I have been dreading living in the city for the last two years. What a blessing to have the memories you have from the past, but you have instilled so much in your kids to appreciate the country and its gifts. I bet if we got some inner city kids they would fall on love with it as well..I WANNA GO VISIT, SEW WITH YOU, AND HAVE MY FAV SOURDOUGH HOTCAKES!

Josephine said...

Ohhh this post totally makes me feel nostalgic. Wahhh! My family goes set nets every summer in Kasilof and I used to get so tired of picking berries with my family in Takotna - now I would give my right arm to go back there and spend that time with them! This photo challenge is so cool I copied you :)

gpc said...

I love your memories . . . and I covet your shells, ha ha!

Bethany said...

Such an awesome post. I think I'd like to visit Sisualik some day :) It sounds amazing!