Monday, February 14, 2011

"You warm my heart!"

Ahh...VD, who doesn't love VD?!


And by VD I mean Valentine's Day. Duh. Get your head outta the gutter.

My girl, she loves Valentine's Day. She works hard on her valentine's and handmakes each one. This year we talked about getting something to give to each of her classmates that could be actually used and decided on making Hand Warmers.


Cause, well, the ambient temp the other day was -39 below zero and uhm, handwarmers are good up here!


So, of course, we cut them out of fabric and sewed them all up. She filled them with Pearl Barley and some Rice with a few drops of essential oil. (Don't ask me where I got essential oil from, I have random crap all over my house. We happened to find essential oil!)


After sewing the opening shut, she wrote (or I wrote MOST of them....) the directions on a piece of cardstock for her classmates.

On the other side of the directions was her note..."You warm my Heart."

you warm my heart

For her teachers, rather than hearts, we made really long rectangles so they could use them on their necks after a long day of hyper kids all hopped up on Chocolate and Cupcakes. Simply heat in the microwave for a minute and plop on the couch watching Food Network. The moist heat pulls your stress away. It helps to have a glass of wine too, but I didn't think sending my 7 year old to school with a bottle of wine was a great idea.


After all the hearts were cut up and sewn I couldn't allow myself to throw away all the cute scraps, so I sewed them all together and made myself an iPad cover.


Sorry, no pattern. Just sew a bunch of scraps together, make a rectangle. Quilt it, sew a liner in and you're done.

ipad cover

And of course, all this work makes a little girl very, very tired. So you just go ahead and fall asleep on the dog. (who incidentally MOVED right when I got my camera, dang dog.)


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Josephine said...

Those are the best Valentine's ever! You both are so creative I am jealous in my bones.