Friday, July 30, 2010

Bwaaahaaa haaaaaaa....


OK, I'm a cesspit of mixed emotions right now. My Baby Sister got married. MARRIED. At 20.


mr and mrs carroll

I guess technically, she's got a year on me cause I went off and got married at age eighteen, so I can't say a WORD about it. Except I think she's really in love with this dude. An Indian no less! A real tall, slurred speech Indian!



Zach, her name is ELSA RUTH. According to Mr. Tongue Tied, her name is "Eltha Ruse." It could have been that he was nervous though. I certainly was.


My sister was glowing. I mean, GLOWING the entire time. She didn't cry, or get all blubbery, she just literally GLOWED and it was SO beautiful.


I was busy clicking away, so our other family could take a small part in this, so when I wanted to get emotional, I just put the camera to my face and worried about the best shot. Thank Goodness for the Camera!


Even my dad dressed up. In his hockey best, but you know, he was kinda sort of dressed for my wedding, so I can't complain. He was wearing his ponytail all cool and holding Elsa's flowers for her. Such a different dad now that he has grandkids. Oh, speaking of grandkids and my dad. Baby Rea is absolutely in love with him! She gets a puppy smile when he comes around!



And my mom was happy. She organized our family dinner afterward and basically is the bomb dot com. By organized, I mean she actually told Elsa and Zach what to do. Which, in the whole scheme of things is pretty funny. Even if its only funny to me. Zach even killed one of my sisters Turkey's, plucked it and got it ready to roast, and we had some "yard range, organic turkey" at the dinner. Elsa managed to make a really great apple blueberry pie that we promptly scarfed afterwards too.



They're actually getting married in November, after Zach is done with basic training for the Air Force, but wanted to be married before he left. As you can see, he's leaving earlier than they had expected. But, she'll have her white dress, and my daughter and niece will get to wear their flower girl dresses, and Zach's parents will make it this time (stupid flight loads!).


From this day forward, congratulations and God Bless you and your little family, connected to you and your BIG family.

the fam

P.S. It's nice to have a brother finally. I had him working hard last night. "Go get this...can you fix this?" heheh


Jennifer Montero said...

That is one of the nicest, most genuine weddings I've seen in forever. We wish them all the best. What a great mix of cultures. And I'm coveting your sister's boots!

Doin' It Myself said...

WOW! Just... *sighs* the pic where she's holding his face right before the big kiss... THAT should grace romance covers EVERYWHERE! Genuine love! And what a beautiful family too!

Sabrina said...

awwww, congratulations Elsa and Zack! I got married at 18 I can't say anything.