Thursday, July 22, 2010


(*Please forgive the crappy iPhone photos! It's what I got man!)

Our softball team name is the Borough Bunniks. It's a play on an Inupiaq word, Panik, meaning Daughter. We sort of roll the "P" off our lips and it turns into Bunnik.


So, since we are all daughters of one person or another, we're named...the BUNNIKS.


We ordered some new jerseys recently and Dean's magic machine made them all pretty. Although I am so over the stupid mesh button up jersey's. I was smart and ordered myself a sleeveless cotton shirt. The print looks grand and no leakage with white on the machine.


I changed the design just a little bit. I figured we might like to have a curvy softball player, rather than a curvy slut on our shirts! ( haha) But, the integrity is the same, so we're OK with it.


After plenty of mistakes and lots of laughter, we finally got the shirts printed. Then, Morgan was drying three or four with a hairdryer and I was ironing the ones that were "pretty much dry" so we could make it to our game last night.


And with five minutes to spare...we made it! THEN we lost our game because we went 3-up, 3-down for like five innings in a row. Cheap right?! I know.


Anyway, it has been POURING buckets here for the past week or so and we have another game tonight. Lettum I say...we play better in the rain!

We shoulda been called the Ducks.

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Non-Mommy said...

Those logos are very cool. You are so creative!!