Friday, July 2, 2010

I exist...

For real. I have had several emails lately asking if I actually exist.

So, here are a few photos from the last year or so proving that I do, in fact...exist.

Bon Jovi
I like Bon Jovi. And I like dressing up for dances.

seal hunting
I like Seals, and because my husband is non-native, I have to hunt them.

I like colorful glasses and stuff.

I like guns.

I love babies. Especially if they're of the Noodle variety.

I like Caribou that roam next to town.

And, I like dressing up again. Cause its fun and if you don't like dressing up then you're cheap.

OK. See...I am a real human being person and not just a figment of some imagination!

Happy 4th.


tarichuck said...

I love the purpley glasses.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Maija! 2nd of July is Maija's name day here in Finland. I wish You a very happy name day! :-)

I like your blog.

Happy 4th, too!


And same in finnish:
Sama suomeksi:

Hei, Maija! 2. päivä heinäkuuta on Suomessa Maijan nimipäivä. Toivotan Sinulle hyvin onnellista nimipäivää! :-)

Pidän blogistasi.

Onnellista heinäkuun 4. myös!


Finnskimo said...

Oh wow, today is my Name day, no wonder I'm having such a great day!

Happy Name day to me!

Anonymous said...

I can't remember how I found your blog, but love reading it. I love Bon Jovi too! I think everyone who won't admit it is just a closet Bon Jovi Fan.

Anonymous said...

just seen you June 26 in Buckland so you are definitely not a figment of the imagination- and yes people this is how we live up here- byrdmoto

Anonymous said...

Hi! :)
This is one link of a namedaycalendar:

Have a nice day!

It's a warm (+25 Celcius) and sunny day here in Finland.

Finnskimo said...

Kiitos Riitta.

Lataan sen perheeni!


gpc said...

I received my keychain "prize" in the mail today, so I know you exist! Thank you so much, it's beautiful!

aflam toreksh said...

think you my firend

Cathy said...

think you my firend too!!!!!