Monday, July 12, 2010

Global Warming?

Someone needs to send Al Gore up here to warm my freakin hands up.


Yeah, you see that, its THIRTY SIX degrees, wind chill. That mean's its flippin COLD OUT. In the middle of July. What the heck?

Oh, and just for your entertainment and information...Finland has it all. They're at the same latitude as we are, so I'm double cold. Psh.

*They stole that Trespassing sign from my dad. He IS Finnish after all!


Anonymous said...

Al Gore? the guy who ran against Bush for presidency? Or Al Roker?

Finnskimo said...

Nah, Al Gore, the guy who claims that we're all causing Global Warming by putting out huge carbon footprints. Although he did run VS him in 200 I guess, I didn't even remember that.

I wonder if they ever asked any Eskimo's what their carbon footprint was...and I'm not talking about the ones with seven snowmachines, but the ones who live at camp year round!

It's too flippin cold in Kotzebue to claim that our WORLD is cooling. Psh.

Anonymous said...

Maybe its just Kotz cause in Kobuk and Shungnak it was 90 in the shade.. hmm..

Anonymous said...

Hi there! :-)

This summer here in Finland was too warm for me.
Summer days are all over now and the weather is too cold! We have rainy days and about +12 Celcius.
I hope we'll get warmer days during September.

Happy September wishes from Riitta!