Friday, July 16, 2010

Go fix your hair!

When you grow up Eskimo, one of the things you know how to do is fix hair. I'm serious. I could french braid when I was like nine. Not like Michele here, she had to learn from You tube.

braiding 2

I mean, what else are we going to do in the middle of winter?

So, it came as no surprise that my 8 year old niece Clara said she knew how to french braid. Well, Yippee for me, I can pawn off my hair fixing to her!

braiding 3

And that I did.


Now, if only my seven year old could just french braid her OWN hair, we wouldn't have these horrible hair scream-fests in the morning! Now instead of threatening to "cut it ALL OFF!" I can just tell Clara to do it!

Sigh...oh the possibilities!


Sabrina said...

I have a hard time with my 3, almost 4 year old's hair. It's very silky, fine, and I just have a hard time keeping a grip on it without pulling it which leads to a SCREAM FEST complete with HUGE tears. UGH. I dread the thought of doing her hair. She lets my Mom do it, but then it falls out in about 10 minutes because it's not tight enough.
On an unrelated note: Is there really such a thing as an "eskimo kiss"? My Mom always did them when I was little and now my little girl is asking to do them...rubbing the tips of the noses together, is that true? Thanks.
Also, awesome to have a niece that can do hair, wish I had one.

Sabrina said...

I also wanted to say thanks for posting about Keens...I got my 3 all pairs today online for $24/ea for our camping trips next month! Without your post, I would never have known they existed! Thanks!

gpc said...

What young talent, I STILL can't do a thing with hair, mine or anyone else's! (BTW, I posted a july giveaway on my blog, I'd love to include you!)