Saturday, January 17, 2009

Rain, Rain, Go Away...

Come again when geese fly here this way...

So, one week ago, the temperature here in Kotzebue was -38 degrees below ZERO. Last night, whilst my husband and I were sound asleep, with only the sound of his snores making their way into my dreams...I noticed another sound I wasn't used to at this time of year...RAIN. Yep, it was raining, on my house, in the middle of JANUARY. Now, I have a metal roof, which WAS full of snow and I thought to myself, "this can't be..."
So, I shimmied off the bed, put a down jacket on, and my boots, and walked outside, only to get drenched in the nasty rainwater draning from my roof. So I took a step into it all, and was once again, drenched in rain. Real, for serious RAIN.
I checked the weather, and it was 41 degrees ABOVE Zero...I mean, it sometimes doesn't get that warm until JUNE sometimes! Its January Mother Nature, I'd still love to go fishing for sheefish, I'd still love to use the five dozen marten traps we bought recently, I'd still love to go to camp in the morning warm up the stove (or have Dean do it) and go back in the evening to stay overnight in a warm cabin, I'd still love to watch the Dog Races on front street.
So...if you can, lets work on making it the average of the two temperatures from now on ok?! Thanks.

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