Thursday, January 15, 2009

28 points per day... husband and I decided that we'd try to have a little contest to see who could lost the most weight by eating healthy and excerising. Here I thought just having an ellipical would work. Folks, it doesn't work if you just stare at it. That was a big disappointment.

Anyway, so instead of Hot Pockets and Burritos for lunch, I decided that I'd go to the store (AC - "Always Cost-more") and pick up a salad and soup for lunch. HA. I repeat, HA! I picked up a simple turkey salad (150 cal), a box of cup-o-soup (45 cal per serving) and a diet Dr. calories though! Do you know how much it cost me?! I'll tell you! FIFTEEN FLIPPING in US dollars! Not pesos, or rubles, or yen! FIFTEEN DOLLARS. curiosity got the best of me... I called up Bison Street Store, and asked how much a cheeseburger, fries and a Dt. Dr. Pepper would cost me... NINE BUCKS.

I was complaining to said Hubby, when my five year old said to me..."Mom, you should have gotten a cheeseburger, cause you coulda give me the rest of the six bucks for a slushie!" Yeah, six dollars...doesn't seem like much, but if I were to get a cheeseburger a day all week, (and I'd have felt FULL AFTER THAT, unlike the turkey salad) I would save thirty bucks.

Is this what they mean when people say you have to be DEDICATED to stick to a diet?

Maybe I'll try plain tuna with celery, see how much THAT costs.

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