Saturday, January 24, 2009

Missed me, missed me...

Now you gotta kiss me!

Ugh. Dean and I are stranded at the Seattle Airport. NOt that the Seattle airport is a bad place to be stranded at...but we were cut short by ONE SEAT on the Northwest Air flight to Honolulu. Ah well. We're here until 5pm now.

We started our day yesterday in Kotzebue...warmish temperatures, nice enough day. Dean left on the morning flight so he could make it in to pick up his brother and sister. I came on the afternoon flight, but only after I had a scare at the hospital.

I'm allergic to PCN, including ALL the cillins, all the lexins, etc, etc... The only thing I'm not allergic to is the Mycins...clinda, zithro, arithro-, etc. Anyway, I ASSUMED that the hospital prescribed me some Clindamycin (sp?) because that's what I always am prescribed when I end up with strep (and an ear infection, ugh). NOT THE CASE. Those (bleeppp, bleep) peple at MHC gave me Cephalexin (sp?). I did not notice, and only thought that my rash and difficulty breathing were caused by my persistant cold that I had been suffering through for the past few days. It was only when my my supervisor told me that I could not go in the sun when taking some antibiotics that I read the paperwork that comes with the stated in BOLD LETTERING. "do NOT take if you have an adverse reaction to Pennicilin, Keflex, etc, etc..." So, of course, now that I knew, I immediately thought I was wheezing heavily and passing out. A little dramatic, I know...but I was scared.

Here's why...

bad drugs
Bad Drug

nasty rash
adverse reaction...

Yeah...I have to admit, I was PISSED. Anyway, I always carry benadryl wherever I go, so I took a double dose, went back to the hospital and got me a Z-pack! Much better than taking drugs 4 times a day for 10 days! five days and I'm done. So, I'm better and stuck in Seattle.

Back to the airport story. So,remember I have an ear infection! I was worried, but my ears did OK on the flight thanks in large part to the sudafed I was prescribed. It was a noisy flight though and we were rocked when we landed in ANC. I was happy to be on the ground. Thank you to Beyonce and your music video (put a ring on it) because I watched and kind of moved back and forth to distract myself from the flexing wings and the drops in altitude.

Elsa picked me up in Anchorage and we drove out to Palmer to visit with the in-laws. My first meeting with Dean's oldest brother and sister. And Dean had Elsa's new phone. (Better NOT lose this one!) We'll have to take a trip to visit his bro & sis sometime. We have children around the same ages, so I'm sure they'd have fun.

Elsa, Dean and I drove back out to Anchorage and Dean and I caught the red eye (1:30am) flight to Seattle. I dont know if AK Air thinks those weird semi-neck pillow seats are comfortable, but I tell you what, it wasn't. At least we were able to sit next to each other though! I have to say, I love Erin Sotts (sorry if I spelled your last name wrong!) who turned me on to Afrin! I told Dean and her that I was worried about my ears and sinuses on the flights and she promptly smiled and said, "I HAVE AFRIN!" So, I had to take her advice, she's a DC-10 pilot now...Dean urged me to get some too, so I tried it, it burned my nose going up and after about five minutes, I was FREE AND CLEAR of the worst sinus problems I've had. Warning though...use for less than three days. :) If I can get to Hawaii without having my ears hurt, I'm golden.

We arrived in Seattle, and promptly went to the Northwest Counter. Bless their hearts, the ticket agents tried to get us onboard, and even said, "lets hope the Horizon flight doesn't make it in beacause of the fog!" But, alas, it did, and we were unable to get seats on the flight. The next flight looks wide open, so that should be a better flight anway.

Maija sleeping sea-tac

That was me a few minutes ago...until I woke up!

Now this is how we lie. I'm awake now, and its around noonish in Seattle, so we really only have about three hours to wait. This is what Dean looks like at this VERY MOMENT:

dean sleeping sea tac

SO...wish us luck as we try to get on the next flight!!!

P.S. the internet here at the airport ROCKS!!!

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Anonymous said...

The Internet at the Seattle Airport may rock - but not much else... I was sitting there for 4 hours waiting for a flight to Vancouver, BC before Christmas - and it wasn't fun at all!
Hope youäll have a good time during your holidays!