Monday, January 19, 2009

Lukin Outdoors...

Yesterday, Dean, Koy and I went a-huntin`! We dressed warm (or so I thought) and warmed up the machines. Koy and Dean (lucky guys) have fur parkies, made by me, and I had to use Dean's old black pullover, over his old blue north face jacket. Doesn't this seem wrong?! Everyone in my house, including the kids who are here for less than a month in the winter, have parkies, but I don't! Momma needs some warmth!

OK, anyway, we went out LUKIN (har-de-har-har!) for some adventure. We found it in the likes of a few foxes (one of which made its way onto the back of my snowmachine), two caribou we harassed for a bit and tons of rabbit tracks, with none of those little white suckers in sight. Dean got stuck only once, and I got cold a few times.

dean outside

koy outside

Anyway, after we came home, we got an email saying that at the VERY place we had just been, there was a polar bear spotted. A POLAR BEAR! Ugh. I'm afraid of wolves, wolverines and black bears, and they're not even HALF the size of a polar bear!!! All Koy and I had was a stinky weeny little .17 mach 2. Dean had his AR-15, but he was darting here and there. So, now I'm terrified and I think someone needs to go get that Polar Bear out of my wilderness backyard!

Since we only caught ONE measily red fox, Dean and Koy decided to go out one more time around 9 pm...they came home with a Cross Fox. :) I'm excited...cause that means I get a cool hat or ruff for my parky that SOMEONE (me) is going to make me.

koy cross fox

Dean cross fox

I still think the boys need to go out to get that Polar Bear...maybe a few wolves too, cause they're roaming around some camps up river... Plus, I want to make some more mittens and ruffs...


Cathy said... forgot to mention your afraid of porcupines.

Finnskimo, its more than just a name... said...

Oh heck...I'm deathly afraid of porcupines!

KC said...

Only two months late commenting, but I was going back through your archives a bit, and that's a dang good looking Cross Fox!