Monday, January 26, 2009

24 miles of sun...

Full day two: Hawaii Report: Lukins...

Aloha From hawaii

I have to tell you all, I love Hawaii. Of course, we're having such a laid back time, no plans, winging it, chilling on the beach, shopping at the Ala Moana mall. We walked for 6 hours today. SIX about (we figure) 4 miles per hour...24 miles!

Started the day checking out the Boat Harbor on the Ala Wai canal...
Boat Harbor

We browsed the Tuna and Marlin Boats...nothing like our little 18 foot Lund back home...but then again, we don't really live on the "ocean!"

Today, we decided we'd rather laze around on the Ala Moana State Recreation Park. A little more laid back, less touristy and that's exactly what we intended this vacation to be about. We, of course, walked from the hotel toward the beach. Both Dean and I are sunburnt on various parts of our bodies. Dean's damage is on his shoulders, and mine is on my back. In fact you can see EXACTLY where I sprayed the Coppertone Sport Spray on my back and where I didn't get it. I THOUGHT I had gotten the entire thing, but apparantly not. So, I'm aloe vera-ing my back. Dean, of course, doesn't care about his burn, he says it turns into a tan! I'll take his word for it. I didn't set out to burn myself. He did!

Ala Moana Beach

We walked the entire Ala Moana Mall checking things out...I think we ended up with a few things, gifts for the kids mostly. We did stop by Longs Drugs and (I) bought some spf FIFTY for my face and back. No more burns for me, or so I thought. We walked to the beach and promptly fell asleep with the sound of two lovers quarreling about who's military is worse, USA or Britain. I wanted to tell them to RELAX!! Ugh. I sprayed myself down all over my stupid body...and ended up burning the INSIDE OF MY THIGHS. I'd show you a picture, but I doubt anyone would appreciate the indecency!

So, I'll show you a picture of an Eskimo (ish) in Hawaii.
Dean on Ala Moana
This is Dean representing NANA!

In addition to the sunscreen, we found a Spam Musubi form, some fake flowers for my hair and most importantly, Band-Aid Blister protection. I have some nasty blisters on my feet from all that walking. My cool new crocs aren't doing their job. Two per foot isn't bad I suppose, especially since we walked so much.

Dean went for a swim and we walked home to avoid the oncoming rain. And so we sit, in the hotel room, nursing our tans and feet. I think we'll eat outback tonight!


Anonymous said...

Spam dog is green with envy.

As you two sit there basking in the sun

Remember your friends up North staving the freeze bun by bun

Enjoy the the mai tai, the laughter and sun

Soon it will be our turn to burn our butts and drink rum

Spam Dog

Finnskimo, its more than just a name... said...

Mmm, spam! I love spam. That must be why I love Hawaii! They love spam too!

Anonymous said...

Yes, the best source for vitamin ME.


Martha said...

You should try and make it to the North Shore, the drive around the island is beautiful!