Friday, January 9, 2009


Doc Harris Shirt
So, my tatta's annual race is in February...I've decided to order t-shirts to commemorate the occasion. My grandfather, Doc Harris, was one of the first men to restart dog racing in Kotzebue. As a matter of fact, I remember being a child and still using a dog team to get back and forth to camp. He told me once, " can't eat a snowgo if you get lost..." when I inquired about why he didn't just use a snow-go like everyone else. Plus, he was legally blind, so I guess with dogs who know their way, it was a lot easier for him to go to and from home!!!

Anyway, I'm sure you can find awesome photos of last year's race on in her 2008 - February archives. :) Thanks Cathy!

Anyone want to order a t-shirt, they're going to be twelve bucks each!!! :)

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