Monday, January 12, 2009

G-O go Huskies GO!

Little Ahlu has been working her hardest to perfect the ominous Handstand! She wants nothing in this world except to be a Husky Cheerleader! So...since the season is officially here, she's been working on her gymnastics skills.

Obviously, we don't have gymnastics, or dance, or even cheerleading for 5 year olds.

SO...that had me thinking that I miss my baby! Here are three photos of from my aunt Fannie, she's exactly one month old...
baby ahlu
And here she is again, after putting her own makeup on when she was 4 years old...
Ahlu age 4
And of course, the famous Husky Cheerleader costume...which needs to be redone, because its too small for her this year. Ugh...
go huskies

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Finnskimo said...

For those of you who see her and say, Whoa! I recieved the baby picture of her from my aunt...who recieved it from my sister...I don't remember her having that bright of eyes..some people do...but I don't. Anyway, think what you want, she's still pretty cute!