Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Eskimo Couture.

Let's talk about Eskimo Couture.

And then I'll tell you how to get your own!

You can tell Alaskan Girls by several different things. Eskimo's, Indian's and the sort are almost easy to figure out.

These Muktuk Earrings are good enough to EAT!

We tend to wear certain "things" that make us stand out and while walking around Wal-Mart you can tell who's what. I do love wearing Indian earrings, but even if I'm wearing that, you'll still see that I'm Eskimo.


See, we Eskimo's wear a lot of Ivory and Baleen, sealskin and Caribou Antler, whereas the Interior Indians wear a lot of beadwork, moosehide and leather. (mmmm, smoked moosehide!) I love me some smoked moosehide!

My sister married a Gwitch'in Indian from Fort Yukon and now knows how to bead on moose leather. I'm jealous.

Muktuk Earrings

If you're ever in "America" and see a woman wearing Dansko's, a down vest, Ivory/Baleen/Leather/Beaded earrings and driving a Subaru, you'll know she's from Alaska. Stop and ask her for help in changing your tire, she can help!

And if you ever want your own chance to be as Eskimo Couture as I am (hahah) now's your chance. I've FINALLY opened an Etsy store where I'll just post things that I finish there.

CLICK HERE to check it out!

Here's your chance to be Eskimo Chic! Own your own little Eskimo heaven in the form of some beautiful earrings made with Walrus Ivory and Baleen.


Go on, get a pair for your friend too, you know she wants to be an Eskimo.


Fawn said...

Beautiful, Maija! I love the combination of ivory and baleen!

You know, I'm laughing at myself because I still get shocked when I read the word "Eskimo"! And "Indian", too, I guess. Can you tell I grew up in Ontario, where everyone is always trying to be p.c.? :)

gpc said...

So glad you opened your shop! Can't wait to visit it and covet everything in it!

Julia said...

oh my, those are soooo pretty! I want to be an Eskimo, hohoho! Will you deliver to Brazil?

TwoYaks said...

Yup'ik women tend to really, really like dangly ear rings. Some of which are really dangly. :P

Nasrauyaaq said...

I have a pair of muktuk earrings made with baleen and rose quartz. :) I love them!

Marianne said...

beautiful earrings.your shop should do well.