Tuesday, June 22, 2010

This funny little law...

First let me teach you an Eskimo word. Kivit. (KIV-it) It mean's to pout, and pout HARD.


That's me. I'm kiviting right now. Instead of being out in a boat with my husband hunting the 150-200 beluga spotted off the sound, I'm at home blogging about the last time we caught beluga.


Why? Because of this funny little law stating that my non-native (read: WHITE) husband can not hunt marine mammals. Seals, Beluga, Bowhead, Walrus, none of it. He can't be in the boat to drive it, shoot at, or pretty much put a band-aid on me if I get a scope burn.


And that's really hard for him. I understand the reasoning behind it. But when you marry a native, this law should be null and void.

Hopefully my uncles will remember that one time I babysat for them so they could go out with their honey's and make more babies for me to babysit. And they'll get me one.


Yes, our town is all in a tizzy. Have you ever lived in a place where when you're standing in line at ACE hardware trying to pay for your fuel and your cousin comes in, rushes behind the counter, grabs two boxes of 7mm shells and yells at the cashier, "I'll come back and pay you!" And leaves? Cause I do.


I live in a place where we leave our doors unlocked, we keep the keys in our vehicles, and when someone comes into your home that you don't know, before asking who they are, you feed them something.


And hopefully I live in a place that when you marry a white guy, you shoot an extra beluga for your awesome niece who will PAY for your gas next time cause she's itching for some fresh white muktuk!

This was the cover shot in most Alaska Newspapers in July 2007

Cause man, if I don't live in a place like that, then my uncles won't live in a place where their niece babysits for free anymore, and where they have to buy their own groceries when they have to go hunting, rather than letting their awesome niece spend $250 for their weeks at fish camp!


*Oh, so my husband just came in from flying, and said that the beluga pod is over by cape blossom, near Riley Wreck, coming at us. (now don't forget about us!)


Doin' It Myself said...

:O < (That's my surprise face - LOL) I thought once you got married, the rights that one had, the other shared, no matter who has what. That's how it should be, anyhow! *hugs* Totally feel for you and your hubby. That SUCKS!

*btw, thanks for the language lesson!*

Anonymous said...

couln't agree more.
lets look at the numbers...nwab has roughly 8000 residents. of that 8k, an overestimate of non natives would be 10 percent...or 800. of those 800 men women and children, lets say 50 percent are interested permit holding resident hunters...that number is down to 400. of that 400, not many would be 1) interested in hunting marine mammals or 2) successfull hunting marine mammals. so forget having to be married to a native...just open it up to ALL true RESIDENTS of NWAB...no exceptions - no outside state hunters, no commercial hunters...just subsistence hunting residents.

Finnskimo said...

OK ANON...you're my new hero of the day. :) I agree 100%!

They are discriminating against me, you (I assume) my father, etc because of the color of their skin. While they would simply be providing food for our region and not relying on the stinkin' AC Store's largely inflated prices. I mean, come on..$10 for a gallon of MILK! Sheesh.