Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The easiest shirt ever!

OK, so one of the things about summer is that it kickstarts my inner crafter, and since it was like 70 degrees yesterday in Kotzebue (which is not like YOUR 70 degrees, cause ours lasts for like 20 hours, but we have a nice ocean breeze too!) I didn't want to go outside.

(P.S. Sorry about the weird rotated photos. I posted to Photobucket from my iPhone and theyr'e all messed up now...but you get the point! Just cock your head to the side!)


Cause I'm sort of a wuss like that. No...I'd never make it in Vegas. Actually, the last time I went to Vegas I got Heat Stroke and threw up for three days. (I mean, it could have been the amount of alcohol I was consuming, but I'm gonna stick with heat stroke!)


Anyway, my sister (the older younger one) was telling me about this baby bonnet she saw on her friend's baby while in the Big City this weekend and we scoured the internet looking for it. Once we found it we decided that we weren't paying $20 for a baby bonnet and that I could probably make a pattern and whip it up on the sewing machine.


So I did. But while we were looking for a photo of the bonnet, we came across the EASIEST craft ever. The Freezer Paper Stencil.


Why had I not seen this before?! I mean, what kind of crafty person AM I?! Anyway, seeing as though we freeze 90% of our food up here and we have FOUR freezers (Two 17 cu. ft. ones in the shop and two connected to our two fridges in the house), we have lots of freezer paper.

(Yep, momma can copy a logo like nothing else!)

AND I found an iron at a garage sale for $5 a few weeks ago, so I now own an Iron like a good wife! Oh, and lastly, we have lots of crafty things in the house because you can't buy them in Kotzebue, so whenever we make our trip to (heaven) Michaels, we stock up on (un)necessary stuff like fabric paint!


I had the older kids (Scratch that, the two kids who want to be on iTunes and youtube all day) figure out what they wanted while I showed them on a $2 Target Shirt that was laying in our "Make something out of me" pile.


So, they went on their own and made the BEST shirts EVER. And now I am extremely sad that I only bought six Target shirts so I'm going to have to figure out someone to go shirt and duck cloth shopping for me on clearance racks so I can satisfy my need to freezer paper stencil stuff this summer. HELLO matching 4th of July Shirts! HELLO Father's Day shirt! HELLO no-more-stain-on-you shirts! HELLO cool Mascot shirts! Hello...oh, you get the idea!


Anyway, this seriously is the easiest craft ever. And you don't need many supplies. A shirt, freezer paper, a razor (we used a box cutter, but most people have exacto knives), fabric paint, an iron, and your imagination.


Simply draw whatever you want on the paper side of the freezer paper, and cut it out carefully. Iron the shirt a little, wherever you want your stencil to go and iron it directly onto the shirt, plasticy side down with no steam. Move quickly and the stencil will stick quickly. Take your shirt and paint over the stencil with fabric paint, and let dry. Remove the stencil by peeling it off your shirt and THERE YOU HAVE IT. Your very own Sea Turtle shirt. Or "Punisher" shirt, or tree branches shirt. You can embellish too with extra paint or buttons, or whatever your heart desires.


Fun and easy. My kind of craft! The kids LOVED it too. They're going through ALL their clothes to find plain t-shirts now!


Doin' It Myself said...

Heck, I'll hit the Target clearance rack for you! I'm now considering heading there myself! WOOT! Way awesome! Thanks for the share!

Barbara said...

What is freezer paper? I live in the UK nad have never heard of it.

With our weather I need to stock up on great craft ideas and those t-shirts look great.

Tam said...

I was going to offer to shop for you too but "Doin' It Myslf" beat me to it! It's always good to have a back up shopper, I guess! :)

Love the t-shirt designs. I might try that with 5 year old.

Thanks for sharing! Tam

gpc said...

Very cool, gorgeous designs.