Friday, June 4, 2010

Just another day at work...

So, yesterday was just another day at work for a normal North Alaskan.

My friend Darold. He said he knew me from when I was smaller. I asked, "younger?" He says, "No, skinnier." HAHA.

I woke up, and left for my office two minutes away. Did the usual, making of an espresso, editing photos, working on Power Point Presentations and such. Then went home to pack a light snack and go to our meeting.

Shungnak, AK

We went over to the vehicle that was bringing us to pick up the meeting participants and off we went.

window seat
This is my window seat.

Our Commute was about an hour and a half long. While getting there, I read some from a few books on my Kindle, I listened to Casting Crowns, and I took a few photos of the scenery.

My friend Charla and her dog.

We picked up three people on the way, and got to our destination without a hitch. The ride was a little bumpy, but not unbearable. Most people just took a nap, or did some business, or just simply enjoyed the ride.

Kobuk, AK

Our meeting wasn't for a little while, so I walked around and took some photos of elders and kids, and dogs. The usual stuff. :) Nothing any photographer wouldn't go for.

me no likey
I don't like commuting when this is my scenery...

During the meeting, I listened intently and laughed with the audience, teared at the stories and took photos of beautiful Inupiaq people.

Ambler, AK

Then, afterward, we all jumped back in the truck to get to the larger vehicle and go back home. Once again, dropping off all the attendees at their home on the way.

sand dunes
Kobuk Sand Dunes.

Nothing unusual. Nothing abnormal. Just another day at work.

my bart
Pat me on the back, I took this while bumping around in the back of a truck!

Except where other people take the carpool lane, I take a Navajo Airplane and cover 400 miles of beautiful tundra, ocean, river, forest, and sand dunes. Yes. Sand dunes in the middle of Northern Alaska. We went from Kotzebue, to Noorvik, to Ambler, to Kobuk, then to Shungnak for our meeting. And back again... Shungnak - Kobuk - Ambler - Noorvik - Kotzebue.

my chauffer
My chauffeur!

Our region alone is the same size as the entire state of Indiana. And we criss-crossed it twice in one day.

My work commute for the afternoon.

The weather did not cooperate, and we were stuck in a foggy, overcast region for most of the day. Not only that, but the window's on my side were dirty, so my photos don't at all do justice to how beautiful of an area we live in. I sometimes forget because I live on the Ocean with no trees, and a vast delicious tundra that there are birch trees and spruce trees, and glistening rivers full of life. The smell alone is enough to take your breath away. Sweet trees, new leaves, and birds chirping constantly, ahhh.

SHG Church
Church in the background...lake in the foreground in Shungnak, AK.

Like I said, just another day at work up here... How's YOUR commute?


Sabrina said...

Beautiful. I hate to fly, and I get very easily motion I'd be next to you vomiting in a bag...however, it sure is beautiful there!

Finnskimo said...

Eh, I was the worlds worst flier until my FIL told me that if I didn't trust the pilot, not to get in the plane. He also said that he'd get me in a float plane...and he did, to spread his ashes.

I'm married to a pilot so we go through the "how's the weather? Am I gonna be scared? Is it gonna be bumpy? Would you fly with them?" schpeel and then he gets mad at me. So he told me yesterday..."If you don't want to fly, don't. But if everyone else in the WHOLE region is flying, then you have NOTHING to worry about."

So...that's my philosophy now. It worked wonders yesterday. People kept telling me, "You're doing GREAT MAIJA!" haha.

Doin' It Myself said...

OK... so what exactly is it you do for work? Cuz I'm kind of liking this whole "flightseeing" for work deal! LOL!

Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

Since I am lucky enough not to have to work (sponge off the husband instead) I have no commute! However, since it is summer, I throw my two boys aged 1 and 3 on the quad with me to go around to run our errands such as buy milk and get the mail. I love living in a community where I can drive my quad around town. I don't think I could move to a place where I couldn't! Although, a plane would be much more fun.

Anonymous said...

Idk if you know this, but the first picture u have up, is of Darold Sun Sr.
Unless it's jst a random picture, and u quoted Grover :P :D

laraine said...

Beautiful pictures. My dream has always been to see Alaska!. I'm just afraid that if I go to visit, I may never come home :-). One of these days I'll get there.

My commute is typically from the coffee pot in my kitchen to my office down the hall. I've been telecommuting 100% of the time for the last 6 years. Occassionally I have to go to the office (like next week) which makes my Monday morning commute a 5 hour flight on Delta from Vegas to Orlando!

Finnskimo said...

Uhm yeah, I don't know why I put down Grover! haha. That was weird. And even worse, I didn't notice it when I re-read it! haha. thanks for the info though! He woulda been deemed "Grover" from now on! :)

Dawn said...

Your job sure takes you through some wonderful scenery! Too bad though you have to fly most everywhere for everything. But that is the price to pay for such beautiful lands nowadays!
I have no commute as I am Disabled. But it did vary from One block to Many miles out of town by car, when I did work. I am Lucky to have a Husband who is Loving & Supportive now through all of my Health issues.
Maybe one day we will make it back to Alaska again~ Not sure if we will get as far as you though gets pretty cold up that way huh?! Haha!