Sunday, June 20, 2010

The meanest Dad and the Un-dad.

I grew up with the meanest dad.


He was so mean and I was so right. I mean, what kind of dad didn't understand that 13 year old girls wanted to be out in the middle of winter until like 1am. ONE am. That's NOT unreasonable. Everyone else's parents let them.

My mean dad made me be home by 10 on weekends. TEN. Like as in "you suck cause you have to be home at ten," TEN! Seriously.

working on fish

He forced me to do hard labor when he came home with caribou and he even forced me to go hunting with him, when I could have been playing my friends new Nintendo Entertainment System. He forced me to read books and would NOT let us get a television.

I know, What a jerk. Ugh. He was SO mean, that he made me look after my sisters and he even made me FEED them sometimes. ME. The center of the universe. HE FORCED me to work. What kind of dad does that?


If I wanted money, he made me get a JOB. A JOB. For cool clothes, I had to get a JOB. Why, oh why could I not have been born in a family that just BOUGHT their kids whatever they wanted? WHY? WHY ME?! Why did I have to get a job? So mean.

He even FORCED me to learn about my mom's culture. He made us live in a canvas tent frame, always telling us nonsense like, "We don't NEED those things Maija, this is just fine." Man, I could have hurt him with my evil eyes. A tent. As a TEENAGER.

dad and girls

He made us cut wood, and pick berries, sew furs, work on our meat. He just would NOT do it for us. And worst of all, when I got into trouble with people, he wouldn't come bail me out. He wouldn't even help me. He told me, "you want to be an adult, you can figure it out." See? MEAN.


I swore that I would NEVER marry anyone like him. AND I would let my kids do whatever they wanted. I would be their FRIEND, not their Mom! I would be the coolest, bestest mom EVER, cause MY kids would LOVE being home and watch ALL the TV they wanted. They would get ALL the new clothes they wanted and if they didn't want to go to camp for four months, they could just stay in town with whoever they wanted and stay up all night long!

dean and dad

And thanks to him, I've become the MEANEST Mom and am married to someone just like him. Happy Father's Day dad. And thanks for not listening to an angry, ungrateful kid growing up.

happy F day

And speaking of that Man that's just like him. I did swear that I would never marry anyone who would rather go hunting than go to the movies.

breakfast in bed

Someone who would see that I was right 100% of the time. And someone who just worshiped the ground I walked on. Cause I am that good. I mean really, why would I want to be married to someone who called me on my bluffs, and made me practice what I preached?

max wrapping

I swore I would marry someone who wanted to live in the city. Who didn't mind going out to eat every night.


But I didn't. I married a guy who argues with me, who tells me I'm wrong. He wants nothing more than to live at camp. He doesn't like going to Wal-mart, or going to the movies. He likes getting me practical gifts, like guns, and Sleds. This guy treats me like his equal.

fathers day atari

He father's my children like he father's his own. He made me realize that people are good. And that where I live is awesome. He loves our culture, traditions, and probably the only attribute he has that I wanted in a husband growing up is that he worships the ground I walk on.

police academy

He is the best father, because he makes me a better mother.


Happy Father's Day Dean. I love you.

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Summer said...

"He is the best father, because he makes me a better mother."

I love this :)