Monday, June 28, 2010

A picture is worth a thousand ______.

You fill in the blank.






Maybe in this case...Dollars!


So, as you can see, Cathy does NOT like Putuguqsiiaqs (put-oo-gook-see-ucks). They're some sort of weird ocean thing. Loosely translated from Inupiaq it pretty much means "Big Toe Sucker." (yes, they bite you!) After Morgan picked it up by the spiked tail, we threw it into the fire, cause what else do Eskimo's do, but try to eat whatever they find.

Zeanna says it tastes like burnt charcoal!

We can't really find too much information on the things. I actually employed the help of Cathy this morning so we could find them for you all. So, here is the BEST link I could find. We googled "Arctic Marie Isopod" and "Marine Isopod" but the link is the only thing we could find that looks EXACTLY like ours...only the ones that are swimming around while our kids are in the ocean are only like three inches long.


But that doesn't stop Cathy and Jessa from screaming when they see them!

jessa grtossed

*Note: The species we have is Saduria Entomon, go ahead Google it...I know I did. Ick!


Shawn said...

Looks like a prehistoric leftover of a cockroach. Blech. How'd it taste?

Cathy said...

The species that we have is actually Saduria entomon, but I was not able to find a common name for them other than the local Inupiaq name.

Oh and suck for posting those photos of me :P

Unknown said...

the website i googled on said it was a part of the LICE group! YUCK!

Sabrina said...

That is officially the biggest LICE I've ever seen! ICK! That is certainly something. We have leeches in the lakes where I swam growing up, every time we got out we'd have to go in the cottage to be checked by our parents before we could get washed off and dressed. I'm a pool person now.

sel said...

named kilkki in finnish, no translation into english, known in sweden as aquatic sow bug!

Anonymous said...

Cool! Despite the distance between you and where I come from on Baffin Island, 'pootoogoo/putugu' means big toe.