Monday, May 31, 2010

Springy time...

Well, spring must have started up here in the far north, because this weekend our town hosted six garage sales. SIX. And people don't even have garages here.

Well, I do, but its not a garage. Its "the MAN shop" and there are no women allowed. Or that's what I tell annoying girlfriends and wives who try to bother the men when they're playing poker. Lately though, its more of a catch-all for all season junk. Once its cleaned out though, its a man shop. Last year for Christmas my dad gave my husband a booty calendar. With chainsaws. I don't understand man-humor.

philly cheese

Anyway. Saturday morning I woke up and saw that the apartment complex across the street was having a double family sale. I picked up some junky boy-toys for Coltrane, of the wrestler variety, an extra pair of rubber boots for all the extra kids running around, a set of pyrex lasagna dishes, and some hand warmers. I also found a mini collapsible moon chair that the kids have been fighting over since I brought it in.

keen summer

But we didn't really hit the jackpot until Sunday before church. Elsa and I stopped over at a sale and got a POGO stick (seriously), a pair of Keen shoes and two cookbooks for less than ten bucks! Our family gets a pair of rubber boots, and a pair of keens (the Newport H2's) every spring. Just like we get a pair of dress shoes, and tennis shoes when school starts. And a pair of boots when winter comes...and a pair of sports (basketball, wrestling, etc) shoes during the season. When one doesn't fit a child, then it'll fit someone else. So, this year, Maddie, Kaisa and Koy got new Keens, because mine and Dean's still fit. And Max fits Koy's from last year.

iced tea

We've been grilling anything and everything we can (pizza, hot dogs, hamburgers, caribou dogs, moose sausage, fish, ribs, musk ox backstrap, etc) and our annual summer iced tea container is out and filled every day with the BEST INVENTION EVER. Seriously, whoever came up with cold brew tea're my hero of the day. Thank you!

cold brew

Dean and the boys have been cleaning our yard so the trampoline can get put up and then we can really have a bunch of kids over. Even though we still have some snow on the ground and the ocean is still frozen...spring is SLOWLY making its way north.

rea church

Maybe by next week we can go outside without hats on!!!

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Sabrina said...

Awesome! I've been spring cleaning here too. UGH. I'm tired of the mess and just want to throw it all in the garage.