Thursday, May 27, 2010

Doesn't Everyone's...


...yard look like this in the springtime?

yard again

Or, is it just mine?!


Bikes, bikes for everyone but many bikes do YOU see???


P.S. It's seagull egg eating time. And Kaisa would have eaten the ENTIRE thing if it hadn't been for her BROTHER who came in whilst the gals were playing out, and quietly peeled and ate the WHOLE thing. She cried, she was so mad. :)


Sabrina said...

The thought of eating a seagull egg makes me gag. Here they are like flying rats, and we call them such. Yuck. My yard doesn't look like that because there aren't many kids in our immediate area, but I'm sure it will soon enough. I'm taking my kids for a bike ride about 6, hopefully it will have cooled off some by then. Whew! It's HOT here! I love the great unknown on the garage, LOL, here, we have our cars inside of it...but I know that is not the case in a lot of places. Better tell Big Brother to look out because she might have cried then, but now she's going to begin her plot to get even ;-)

Finnskimo said...

Ah, the ones near the dump are gross, but the ones we get up river are goood tasting. A little fishy maybe!? I don't know, all I know is that we LOVE them!

And it was 36 degrees this morning here. In the sun. Cause we pretty much have 24 hour sun now until September.

We've never had our car in the garage. Its more of a "Man Shop" then a garage. :) !!

Sabrina said...

I think we reached a high of 79* not sure what it was with the humidity though. It was sunny here too, which is actually nice after some of the weather we had this winter. It was in the 90's this weekend, that's incredibly hot for this area.

Finnskimo said...

It was 34* a bit ago when I got to work. Frost on the windows. Yeah, tell Al Gore, we're still waiting for Global Warming. Shoot, we went ice fishing yesterday. :)