Friday, May 7, 2010

Happy Mother's Day...

rea sunny

This year marks the first for many mothers, including my baby sister Elsa. She had Noodle on April 4th at 7:35 p.m. way down in Anchorage. My mother has celebrated mother's day for the past 33 years because on April 25th, she had ME. (Lucky her eh!?)

elsa and noodle

But, she's a hard one to shop for that woman. The traditional Mother's Day gifts of Jewelry, makeup, lotions, etc. won't fare well in my house. I'd get more props by getting her a gift certificate for for a new pair of walking shoes. But, alas...a gift certificate? For your mom?! No.


My sisters though, they're more on my wavelength. Younger, hipper, make-uppy-er. But, this year I decided I'd make them something. Something that sort of matches, but sort of doesn't. And since I'm all about sewing right now, I knew it would be something sewn.


I have all this great fabric that really needs to be used up, so yesterday, after throwing up all day and a four hour nap, I groggily got up and followed a tutorial on a "gathered front purse" that I really liked, and knew my sister's would too.


And since my one sister came over last night, I figured it was OK to post the photos, cause shoot, she already knows anyway! Maybe I'll figure something else to make them in addition to these cutesy purses. (Ooohhhh, I just realized I could make these for other presents too!)



It was then that I knew that it was time to put away the furs and get out the cloth! Summertime is all about lightweight fabric, no more furs to remind you of that long, dark winter. I love super bright prints too, they make me all happy inside. When I am dreaming of sewing something, it is always in technicolor!


It helps to be Finnish and have a great design company like Marimekko too, with their bold prints and bright colors. See, Finlandia isn't only for Vodka anymore!

ella fabric


I am still at a loss about what to make for my mom, but at least my sister's are covered! I also usually give my kids a gift on Mother's Day, because if it wasn't for them, I wouldn't be celebrating it either.


So, in the meantime, I'll just keep my kitchen table looking like this, and hope that my sewer's block removes itself and I am able to figure something out. (in two days.)


Happy Mother's Day to all you Super Mom's out there who balance your cell phone in one hand, with baby wipes in the other, and a kid on your hip with one tugging at your heartstrings to grow up. Enjoy it while you can. They grow up so quickly.



merinz said...

Love the purses!

melissa said...

So cute, your so creative!