Monday, May 17, 2010

The "Kaisa" doll

I ran across a few crafting blogs while perusing the world wide waste-of-time a few days ago, and found some 'personalized felt dolls' that I thought would be a nice gift for people. Then I saw the price tag. FIFTY bucks? Heck no am I paying fifty bucks for a felt doll.

ruffle shirt

So, I made one myself.

This is my version of the "Sorta looks like your kid" doll. Since Kaisa's eyes are hazel, I started to use brown and green, but the green was so pretty that I just kept it!

Since I didn't have a pattern, I just made my own. A fold here and a cut there, soon enough I had some skin colored arms, legs, a torso, and a head. A round head. I'll have to remember to make my next one oval shaped!

I then embroidered a face that is supposed to look like the child. I don't know how to embroider, but it looks OK. :)


After sewing carefully around the edges, I stuffed them with some pillow stuffing. No, I actually cut up a pillow and used the stuffing. Cause, remember, above the Arctic Circle? We don't have any crafting stores that might or might not sell pillow stuffing. Besides, it was an old pillow anyway, and now I can make a few more little felty things!

stuff everything

Then I sewed the undies onto the torso, cause I didn't want a naked baby running around my house. Green is Kaisa's favorite color, so green they were. And of course I added an actual button, for the belly button. (I know, I'm so ninja!)

After the undie sewing, I sewed the legs, arms and head on the torso, and stuffed the torso to full capacity. She's a chubby baby look-a-like, she is!


I forgot to purchase brown felt, so I just made her some hair with some brown cotton scraps I had lying around. I made a pocket for her round head and glued it on.

Once everything was assembled, I made some clothes. Of course, with dolls, you have to make stretchy skirts and open backed shirts.


Everyone needs a pair of brown leather boots right?! (Again, scraps I had lying around from a previous bag I had made)


Tadaaaa! The "Kaisa" Doll, made in one evening. Yay.

kaisa doll done

There you go. A night in the life of a Finnskimo.


Deb said...

Holy Buckets...look out Martha Stewart...we have the real thing up north and boy can she sew...and cook...and sew..and work, keep her family clothed...fed...etc..did I mention that she can sew? Great job!

Cate said...

Awesome! You are very inspiring. :)

gpc said...

You are so clever and so talented. I think Martha would be lucky to meet you.