Thursday, May 13, 2010

Show me the love!

lovesick larry

(Say Hi to Lovesick Larry!)

Jenn at A Cup Of Jenn A Cup Of Jenn gave me a blog award, so I thought I'd reciprocate and Show her some love! She moved from the second largest (yes, I had to throw that in there!) into the great unknown of Alaska and now lives in Squarebanks (Fairbanks) where there are trees AND its cold.

Anyhooo, here are a few (FEW) of my favorites. And pay attention to the order, because they're ranked from bestest to worstest. (No, I'm just kidding...they're in no particular order, so don't get offended if you're last. Just think, if you're last, its the last link and the one people might click on first! So, thank me instead!) Also, I'll tell a teeny bit about why I love 'em so much...

* Michele from Four Times The Fun because she is HIL-AR-IOUS. And well, pretty much cause she lives in Vegas with Triplets, plus Austin, and has chickens. Best of all, she and I have the same birthday!

* Saima from Tundra Chicks not because she's my sister and I'm obligated to follow her, but because she raises CHICKENS. IN THE ARCTIC. You don't even understand. Chickens, with the BEST Easter Egg colors ever. Outside my mom's house, painted to match, like a little playhouse for kids, then open the door, and OOPS, there are chickens in there laying eggs. Wowza!

* Cathy from Tundra Tantrum pretty much because she's cool, and she's a phototographer capturing all the beauty of the Northwest. And plus, when I'm busy, she comes over and takes pictures of my kids birthday parties for us! And when I'm in a bind at work and need photos NOW, she lets me use hers without paying her. And her son and my son are BFF's and the talk Pokemon all day while we stare in confusion.

* Jen from The Amazing Trips, plus Henry! well, because she's great to read. I can practice my pretend psycology and tell her what to do. But, pretty much because she bares all, and is a great read. Reminder that its not all Donald and Melania Trump in this world. Oh, and that Henry...wowza, he's my favorite. KEEP NURSING HENRY!!! (fist bump)

* Kelle from Enjoying the Small Things because she shares her beautiful and honest birth story of Nella with us and allows us a glimpse into her beautiful life with her daughters. And I'm clearly jealous of her new Bathing Suit!

* Bakerella from Bakerella! (Sorry, I don't actually know your name, but don't feel bad because down here in ANCHORAGE at Wal-Mart, someone accosted me and was yelling, "FINNSKIMO! FINNSKIMO!" And I was looking for the nearest exit, well, because I was TERRIFIED. Turns out they follow my blog. HI!) And I follow her because, duh, she makes the BEST desserts...and I can't WAIT until her book comes out.

* Disney from Ruffles and Stuff because come on, her name is DISNEY. How cool is that. When I was little I wanted to be called Beetle. So my mom obliged. So, now Kaisa wants to be called Carly, so we call her Carly right now. A little more confusion (excitement) to add to the mix ain't bad! Disney. Awesome. Oh, and check out the tutorials. Yes, they're FREE. Whoop Whoop!

There are plenty more where that came from like One Among Sisters orEighteen 25 or Buggie and Jellybean but those are just the icing on the already decadent delicious melts-in-your-mind cake.


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