Monday, May 10, 2010

And what a happy mother's day it was!

Well, the bags were a hit. Game seven, bottom of the ninth, down three runs, walk off, grand slam, HIT!

So, I patted myself on the back. Pat, pat. :) (Not as great as a trip to Hawaii, but at least she'll have a bag to take on the plane!)


My sisters and I got together both Saturday and Sunday and took some family photos for my mom and mom-in-law, in addition to the bags I made them, they're getting a photo collage of the grandkids. We are so good! :)

kaisa and rea

Anyhoo, I got a $500 gift certificate to the store of my choice. (Jo-Ann Fabric and Michael's, please, thank you very much!) And my 13 year old son didn't know what to get me, so he gave me a hundred dollars cash. I'll think of him when I get my massage! And my daughter gave me a wonderful card that she had made that says, "Dear Mommy, Thank you for giving me birth. Your the best mommy in the HISTORY of ALL mommys. Your the BEST! Love, Kaisa." So, has been confirmed.

clara and coltrane

We all went to my mom's to eat lunch too, which filled our souls with goodness. We had Trout, Shiifish (frozen, raw, dipped in seal oil), Blackmeat (dried frozen bearded seal meat), Beluga Muktuk (not your gramma Michele, but maybe someone else), Black Muktuk (blubber and skin from a bowhead whale) and pretty much whatever other Eskimo food we wanted. Rounded out with a cup of tea at the end, I'd say it was a GREAT day to be an Eskimo Momma!

elsa and rea

Today, I'm heading to "the City" for the week for work, so I will spend, spend, spend. Well, my mother's day money anyway. And have a real espresso. And see stoplights. And drive on pavement. And fix my hair (or, no I won't, psh, who am I kidding!?). And eat at a RESTAURANT. Wowza! I can't wait.

koy and kiasa

I heard it was "Spring" in Anchorage too, which is good cause I still have five feet of snow in my yard!

all the kiddos

Happy trails everyone!

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