Saturday, May 15, 2010

Me likey the $3 dresses!

Among all the other things I did actually get accomplished on my trip to Anchorage, one of those was a trip to Jo-Ann Fabrics. I went to both stores, the SUPER store and the regular, Dimond store.

I. Was. In. Heaven. Seriously, that will be my heaven. An endless supply at a fur store, and a fabric store, with all the new sewing machines, embriodery machines, fur machines, sergers, and endless knowledge and creativity.


In the full season of Spring, where we experience massive flooding, and walkways of water and snow for two months until our dusty season arrives, my creative juices were flowing as well.

I purchased several $2.37 shirts from Target (If you can't find something to do with a $2 shirt, something's wrong with you!) in addition to my two totes of fabric I brought home, in many many colors and many many sizes.


Like this green one. It's a woman's size XS, which I find myself purchasing for Kaisa because she has an abnormally long torso and none of the girls shirts fit her well enough not to show her stomach and lower back. (Ick)


The fabric was in a pile somewhere and I had taken several photos of shirts, dresses, and bags that I could make at home, so I thumbed through my iPhone photos and found a dress to copy.

So, that's what I did. Then added some ruffles with the excess shirt around the neckline to make it less plain-jane. The model makes the dress beautiful. :)


On the menu today? Some felt flower clips, some pacifier clips, a bag or two, and maybe a dress for Clara. Sigh...

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Tam said...

Oh my goodness!! How cute is that little dress with the ruffles around the neckline~! She's a doll! Thanks for sharing & now I'm off to joanne're a bad influence!!! Tam