Friday, August 28, 2009

My first italian food...

I LOVE Italian Food.


And not only because they drink good RED wine with everything. And not because they use yummy cheese and pasta in everything. And not because they love meat, like I love meat.

Probably because I started making my own noodles when I was VERY young.

Very young.

Kaisa super enjoyed making her own linguine noodles as well.

reading the recipe

measure the flour

egg in a well

well in the flour

kaisa rolling out the dough

egg noodle dough

rolling the dough into a roll


easier this way


noodles done with cheese

She told Dean and all our guests last night ALL about how to make noodles, she now has the recipe memorized. (And will gladly relay that information to anyone who asks.)

linguine with turkey meatballs

Since I'm not one to shy away from the spotlight, and I had in fact, made the turkey meatballs out of whatever we had in the cupboards. Which included an egg, steel cut oats, garlic powder and dry bread...and I was feeling quite proud of how well they tasted...

I said to my family..."Oh yeah, you guys know how to make turkey balls?"

To which Koy did not hesitate to respond,

"You get a turkey and neuter it."

That's my boy...

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Cara said...

Cute story at the do we contact Kaisa for the recipe. I wouldn't mind trying my hand at homemade noodles.