Friday, August 14, 2009

The latest knives...

Dean's been working about 60 hours a week for the past few weeks, so hasn't had a lot of time to focus on family and chores.

But, by golly, he did manage to crank these two beauties out!

deans latest two

Top Knife: Adonized Steel blade, Handle: Chickaloon Birch Knot, Brass, Red vulcanized fiber, Moose Antler and Walrus Ivory... 16 layers.

Bottom Knife: Adonized Steel Blade, Handle: Finnish Curly Birch, Blue laminate, Brass, Blue vulcanized fiber... 16 layers.

Deanie, you're forgiven! :) Me and Koy will take care of the chores! :)

P.S. On another note. Shockie has gone and found a new daddy. So far, so good. She is being spoiled and that's exactly what SHE deserves! :) Yay for Shockie.


Anonymous said...

Lorraine wants the blue one, please! These look great, Dean! Love you guys! Miss you too!

Ms. ~K said...

Beautiful knives!
So happy for you and Shockie!

Tracy said...

Do you sell those?? They're nice! Hubby would love them. lol

Anonymous said...

Those are gorgeous, as are his other ones. I'm asking for one for Christmas.


mmclendon said...

First off i would like to say that i really enjoy your blog. i live in Delta Junction so i can realte to some of the things you say, on the other hand the "gatherings" from the sea are pretty cool. Thank ZYou for all of those posts, secondly i was wondering if you guys would be interested in selling some of those knifes- i am interested in purchasing one if so... my email is please let me know, and agian thank you for this wonderful blog

Misty Mclendon

Anonymous said...

True works of art! Very beautiful. Are they for sale?

Finnskimo said...

They are ALL for sale. Contact Dean Lukin at and he will be able to tell you all about them!

I'm just an admiring wife! :)


Anonymous said...

Hi. My neice told me to check out your Blog. Her name is Heather Leigh. I like it.. Youre funny. Keep writing.