Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Life and times of Muck and Squeaky...

Once there were ducklings named Squeaky and Muck,

All the kids had excitement anew...

Those little ducks were cute as can be, and belonged where the arctic winds blew.


They were good little ducks, who ate and drank and pooped.

If ever some ducks there was,

Soon enough, the children were tired of them though,

No more cute, no more quacks, no more fuzz.

grown up duck

So momma and daddy took Squeaky and Muck, outside to live in the breeze.

Who knew that they quacked suck a loud, loud quack?

Maybe they were upset because we have no shelter in trees.

killed duck
Upon sleeping so soundly momma was awakened to such noise,

Those ducks outside were all in a tizzy.

Are they girl ducks in a fit or what's going on?

Who knows, but I'm so tired that I'm dizzy.

duck feet
Who knows what happened, But all I can tell you,

is that they are no longer quacking their loud loud quack,

and taste damn good all smothered in barbecue.

bbq duck

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TwoYaks said...

Usviip! :) Better that then trying to coop them for the winter!