Monday, August 17, 2009

First Days of First Grade...

This morning, my daughter embarked on a tradition many kids look forward to each and every fall. Her first day of First Grade!

She was excited last night, excited this morning, and SUPER excited to find out that School starts at NINE am this year.

oh hi over here

Which means for her that she can watch about an HOUR and a HALF of Television before school. How educational!!! Maybe I'll find someone who can teach her how to play piano. Or download some First Grade work for her to do from 7:30 until NINE.

The start time sort of puts a kabosh to every working parent who usually brought their kid to school at 8:00, before work, let them play out or sit and read for a half hour before school, and start at 8:30.

gage 1

My ONLY guess is that there were so many tardies (MY kids included) that they needed to do something. Rather than work with parents, possibly PURCHASE A BUS, and try to find out what the problem is getting kids to school on time, they decided to drag it back a half hour.

Kaisa finding her name

Its the Kotzebue way I guess...lets do the least possible, to get passing results. Not that I'm complaining, I'm just giving my OPINION about the school system/administration/board. doesn't help to complain! I'm sure some parents like it...the ones who don't work, or work later in the day. So, we'll just take what we can get this year.

I guess the only real thing we can complain about is that Kaisa and her friends aren't in the same class. She has two really close friends, Emily (below) and Jessalyn. Both girls are in Miss Phillips' class, and Kaisa is in Mrs. Hulley's class. Which, technically could be a GREAT thing all around since all they do is giggle and talk! So...maybe I won't complain about this year!

emily 1

Here's a Good Luck to everyone who has children starting school this year. I hope everyone has a grand time, and learns a LOT!

I'm expecting my first grader to come out reading at fifth grade level, doing algebra!....
just kidding. I'd be happy if she was into chapter books!

paying attention


Tracy said...

That's when I used to start school years ago. lol Here they start at 8:00 am for grade school, which for me is a bit early. Mostly due to the fact since it's not easy getting several kids up, dressed, fed, etc. and out the door in a timely manner, the later start time would be great to me. LOL Of course we homeschool so I don't have to worry about unless they have a class elsewhere in the mornings. But yeah, I can see how that'd be a problem for those working in the morning.

Anonymous said...

It is tough being a working parent.
My daughter starts school at 9:20am! Luckily Grandma can take her to school, as it really does take a village to raise a child.
I grew up in Kotzebue when it was a BIA school. I truly enjoy your blog and Kathy's. I check both daily. Thank you for sharing a litte bit of your life. I appreciate it :)

Ms. ~K said...

I taught first grade for 27 years...what a great age to work with, full of wonder and excitement!
Have a great school year!