Friday, August 21, 2009

Ask and he will patient and it will come...if you wait, she will run!

Ask and he will build.

So, I've been saving up for some sort of storage/organization stuff to get my house organized. We decided to start with the smallest room, which is the entry way.

Up in the North, we have an Arctic Entry (kunnychuck) and an entry into our home. I went onto LLBean's site to get Kaisa an embroidered backpack that would last a couple of years, and found this:


I printed it out and showed my husband. Only a total of about $450 with shipping included. He laughed and said, "no...I'll just make one."

$130 worth of wood later. I got this:

deans locker


And I LOVE it!

Be patient and it will come.

So, our post office has been suffering from super low employee interest lately. The employees are not at work. There are some great reasons why...but whatever the reason, our mail is backed up at least three weeks. If anyone wants to send me something. Send it UPS! :)

The other day, we had a yellow slip in the box and my friend and I decided to brave the long line of people during the time they WERE open. We waited for an hour and twenty minutes.

During that kid cried and fell asleep, one kid picked his nose, one kid lied on the floor grumbling about waiting...and a couple of cute homeschooled girls learned the important lesson of time management.

We stood in line for an hour and twenty minutes. And what I got was beautiful. Well worth the wait!

under armour

Can you imagine waiting in line and getting a certified letter saying you are being sued!? Double Whammy!

If you wait, she will run!

go kaisa

Miss Kaisa has been practicing with the elementary cross country team this week and her first meet is tomorrow morning at eleven am! They will be running a one mile course up and down our bridges from cemetary hill.

running  in the gym

I watched for a bit, and wanted to snap some shots of the action they call Cross Country. I was pleasantly surprised at the enthusiasm of the kids during warm-ups and the group run.

walking with ty

Then I waited...and waited...and waited to see Kaisa.

first place runners

See, there are the fast kids.

middle kids

The mid level kids...

last place

And then there is my six year old. Holding up the end of the pack! Yay.


Good luck Elementary Runners!


Life In a Blended Family said...

Dean did a great job. I loved the pics of the kids!! So cute!

Lucy Mae said...

Luuucky! Everytime I get a Pottery Barn catalog in the mail - I dream of living that organized :o)