Thursday, August 13, 2009

It turned out!

I'm always pleasantly surprised when I make things and they turn out GREAT...

lox 1

I love trying new recipe's and making them my own. The only huge problem is that I NEVER write it down, so it never turns out the same again.

I've started writing them down, so hopefully, we'll see some book later in life! At least for my family anyway.

lox 2

Chum Salmon Lox... OUR Chum is the BEST in the world. Don't knock it. I like it better than King. MMMmmmm.....

Better then the taste? It was FREE to make.

Set net, pull net, fillet fish, take salt and sugar we already had at home, cure, and voila!

lox 3

Time to find something else to make with fish, since we have an abundance! :)

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