Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Procrastination is my middle name...

No really, it is.

With the schools participating in Halloween on Friday with the kids dressing up and the Halloween Carnival, guess when I decided to make most of the costumes I told people I'd make?

Last night!

Last week though, I did manage to make a Thing 1 costume for a friend of mine. I just have to do the Thing 2 costume, their hair hats and the Cat in the Hat- Hat for their mom. I am going to take some pictures once I'm done cause I am SO EXCITED to see them!


On Monday at lunchtime, I managed to make a full on Shiny boxer Robe and Short set for my friends son who wanted to be a boxer. And get it to Anchorage by Tuesday morning, because for some weird reason, their school celebrated Halloween on Tuesday.

Salt dough and leather

After the Haircut heard round the house, we couldn't figure out what Kaisa could be for Halloween. Then we watched, "How to train your dragon." And I swear no wonder my dad loves it here. He is totally a Viking. He fit right into the Eskimo culture wearing furs and animal skins on his back.

skulls and spikes

So, she is going to be Astrid from How to Train your Dragon!

Last night after Adya was afraid I wouldn't get hers done, I decided to finally start her Geisha costume. A full pink Kimono was in effect. I have NO idea how to make the sash, so I'm going to wing it (that usually works for me) and see how it goes. If all else fails, I am a wicked face painter, so I'll paint her face and no one will notice the wrong Kimono sash!


And of course, in full MOMMY mode, I rummaged through our leather stash and made Kaisa a full leather skirt and headband. I had to use my noggin for the skulls and spikes though, because we live in Kotzebue (I know you've heard it before, but seriously, we don't have a craft store so I have to improvise, why do you think I'm so creative!? Cause all I had to play with was wood glue, screws, and paper towel rolls!) and living here means that we don't have ANYTHING close to what anyone else has.

skulls  on skirt

But you know what we DO have? Flour, Salt and hot water. :) Yes, we sat around and made skulls and spikes for Astrid's skirt. Today, I am heading over to NAPA to see what I can get for her shoulder guards, and I'll make a greenish gauzy shirt for her. Luckily Britni gave her the perfect Boots-wit-da-furrrr to wear and that's about it.

Spikes on skirt

She really, REALLY wants a huge axe, but Dean is going to have to do that and he's out of town until Friday. Ah...too bad! Unless...yes, I think I can probably make it out of cardboard, a dowel and duct tape! I believe I even have super shiny silver duct tape!


Happy Halloween Costume making to everyone!


gpc said...

You. Are. Amazing.

Brittany and co. said...

Great job! I made an Abraham Lincoln top hat tonight but still need to do the beard for my son. I thought that maybe that flexible silver duct tube/pipe stuff would work well for the shoulder guards. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Maybe the hardware store for stove pipe or dryer elbow for the shoulder pads?

Anonymous said...

Pretty damn sweet! I love the skirt, and would like to order a black one, size 6? LOL

Anonymous said...

Do you sew that by hand? Or does your sewing machine do it for you? If so, what kind of machine do you have? I am looking for a heavy duty thugged out sewing machine, and would love your opinion!

Anonymous said...

How did you get the skulls and spikes to stay on the skirt? I am making a Astrid outfit for my niece