Monday, October 25, 2010

Lots of Love

For Halloween my daughter was going to be either Rainbow Bright, or Pippi Longstocking. She was very excited about the Pippi hair.


She is used to me brushing her hair, every single morning of her life. She gets up, brushes her teeth, gets dressed and brings me the "Hair Basket," a white plastic basket with clips, headbands, brushes, and pony tail holders. She figures out how she wants her hair fixed and we go on with our day.


Every. Single. Day. Do any of you have girls with long beautiful hair who HATE to have their hair brushed? I do! But, I am not about to have a ratty headed girl walk around school. The rule in the house is, "HAIR FIXED every day" (If you're under the age of 13!).


I always had long hair. Once in the third grade, I convinced my mom to let my grandma take me to get the "Dorothy Hamill Wedge" and that was the first and LAST time I got my hair cut. She trimmed it, but it stayed long until I was 28.


"It hurts to be beautiful." My mom used to say. So, obviously, I just told Kaisa that too! I also would say, "I can cut it all off and we don't have to do this anymore..." And lately, she's been saying, "YES, lets CUT IT OFF!" Of course, I just assume she's being bratty and doesn't want to get her hair brushed, but, apparently I was wrong.


She took it upon herself to Google (She is a GOOGLE fool! She can Google ANYTHING you want her to!) Locks of Love so she could find out how much she'd have to cut off to send it off to a child who needs it. (We had to tell her it was LOCKS, not LOTS of Love.)


Saima eventually helped her figure that it was 10 inches in tightly bound rubber bands. Lucky for everyone there, she woke up with a HUGE rats nest in her hair after having a nightmare and rolling around her bed all night and even after a shower with a cup of conditioner, it took me thirty minutes to brush it out. I was so irritated when she asked if we could cut it, that I said, "YES, lets cut it then!" And she was ecstatic!


So bound in two ponytails with "colorful rubber bands so they can see how pretty it is..." I cut off TEN AND A HALF INCHES of hair from my baby's head!


Amidst tears (from me) and "OHMYGOD's" from everyone around, she smiled her way through the haircut of the decade at our house! She absolutely LOVES it. Dean absolutelly LOVES it. Saima absolutely LOVES it. I, on the other hand, wish to assess my fifth amendment privilege at this time. I am proud that she is donating it to Locks of Love, and today she is getting a Locks of Love teddy bear from their website.


Now, less than a week before Halloween, we don't have a costume for her and nothing will ship to us before their costume parade at school on Friday, so I am at a loss there.


I will say though, that she looks much more Finn, than 'Skimo now! And I'm sure I'll love it eventually. Especially in the mornings when I don't have to crunch through her tangles.

(On another note, my son took third at the Bush Brawl in the 125 lb weight class this weekend! I am so proud of him!!!)


Bethany said...

A yarn wig? That could work for either Pippi Longstocking or Rainbow Bright.

gpc said...

What a beautiful, big-hearted girl!

tarichuck said...

Love it! I just had my haircut for Locks of Love too. Kaisa looks very good with her new hair cut.

Tracy said...

I think she's cute with shorter hair. :-) My daughter has alopecia, and we've considered going through Locks of Love to get her a wig, just haven't done it yet. (She was really young when it first came up and we decided to wait at the time.)

Arvay said...

She looks fantastic! For future reference, though, if you put it in a loose braid before sleeping, it helps with tangles, and also with nightmares of drowning. :)