Monday, October 11, 2010

Survival of the Warmest

Right now as I look out my window at work, I watch seals frolic in the ocean taunting the Natives who are allowed to be out there hunting them.


Today my facebook message was this, "Anyone want to get me some Kasigiaq? Natchiq? I'll pay for gas." Which means basically, "who wants to kill me some seals!?"


My husband, the great white hunter, is just that: White. He can't hunt seals for me, even though I cook them and eat them. And use their hide to make hats! :) So, I figured one of my uncles/cousins would do it for me!


One of the most important things you can have when you're hunting Fall Seals is a survival suit. And Koy's class was able to practice first hand survival suit training 101.


His science class headed out to the lagoon on a cold October morning with a volunteer who teaches Survival Suit Safety. (Sorry dude, I forgot your name, it was COLD out!)


They suited up and headed out into the water, the freezing cold water that is. There, they splashed around and learned how to make a several types of "human chains" in case they capsized in the boat.


I highly doubt that they'll be wearing their bright orange suits to go seal hunting, but at least the mechanism is there, and they have a choice right!? Caribou skin floats well, and insulates too.


Happy Seal Hunting!


Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

Classes like that should be mandatory! We have seen so many water deaths in the last eight years and I am sure all of those could have been prevented with lifejackets or survival suits of some form!

Anonymous said...

oy, there's legions of messages and heritage lessons in this post.

Non-Mommy said...

You seriously live the coolest life. Wow.

I love how your community/family come together so much. Refreshing to read.