Thursday, October 21, 2010


Ugh, I attempted to photograph and video my Freshman son wrestling some Exhibition matches against Barrow today.

I have to say that while my child is wrestling, I am a HORRIBLE cameraman. And an even more Horribler photographer! But lucky for me one of our friends was there and he took a bunch of photos for me.

boys 1



My little tiny baby son isn't so little tiny anymore! Sigh...




It does help though that he was wrestling a girl! :) hehe. All the boys at the end were saying that the girl was "on Roids...." I told them to be careful cause GIRLS ARE TOUGH!

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Sabrina said...

Girls on the wresting teams? Wow, things have changed. Ours was boys only for sure. Love the shirt you made for his Aana, very nice! :-)