Monday, October 18, 2010

Craftiness runs in the family!

Yesterday as I was stalking all my usual crafty/sewing/momma blogs, I ran across a link party. Now I've never done a link party, nor do I know what that is, but what I do know is being crafty with my kids! (And your kids and your kids... and your kids too!)

pumpkin innards

There's even a week designated for it!


Seeing as though the week starts on Sunday, my day of deep thoughts and grand ideas. Seriously you guys, I have such deep thoughts on Sunday's its not even funny. Yesterday I actually wrote up a plan for a "Kotzebue Community Club" that would allow people from each organization to have, say, an hour a month to get paid at their regular job, but volunteer somewhere in the community. Also, it would give the entire community a chance to become involved in things to do in the evenings in the winter, especially the youth.


I had movie in the gym, rollerskating nights, pizza parties, sewing circles, etc. Plenty of things to do to keep people entertained and tired enough to not want to get into trouble! Since everyone here complains that there "is nothing to do." I don't complain, because I have LOTS to do. And when there's nothing to do, I whip out my sewing machine or skins and make a hat for someone!

drawing pumpkin

My kids don't complain either. They know I'll have LOTS for them to do if they complain. My yard needs cleaning, the toilets need scrubbing, the snow needs shoveling, and then if there really is nothing to do I make them research something on the internet and give me a report about it. My 7 year old thinks this is a fun game, and loves "Googling things!"

kk cutting

So this weekend was nothing new in the "lots of stuff to do around here" household. We managed to carve pumpkins. Actually Miss A and Miss K researched the coolest pumpkins, drew them out themselves, traced them onto the pumpkins and cut them out themselves. Aside from little Miss K cutting her entire wolf head off the pumpkin, and me surgically placing toothpicks on it, they did a great job!

cut 1

I managed to make 46 Wrestling shirts for the Bush Brawl, northern Alaska's largest wrestling tournament in the WORLD! (Nah, I don't know, maybe, but its big, 300 kids come in to wrestle) My friend, dubbed, "Wrestling Mamma" wanted to make shirts for her Elementary wrestlers, so she bought 42 gold shirts online and I designed a JNES Wrestlers shirt. (then one for me, Dean, Koy, and herself!)


Koy wanted in on it, so we just blocked out the Elementary school logo and kept the shirt saying to screen him, Dean and myself one. You can't tell, but the shirts are blue and gold! (Sucky lighting)

wrestle (Koy's shirt)

And the icinig on the cake, or the crust to my pie, was that I made the WORLD'S easiest/best Chicken Pot Pie for dinner. Seriously, it took all of about ten minutes to get it together and 35 minutes to bake. It was so delicious. Maybe I'll share the recipe that I made up with you. It is so simple I could cry!

pot pie

AND last week I was in Anchorage escorting a child in for medical procedures, and I bought a bunch of fleece to make NECK pillows. You know the ones that go around your neck so you can lay on the side and your neck doesn't get all stiff when you fall asleep on the plane/car!? Anyway, I made three for my friends kids cause she is a SAHM. While I was sewing them (they took about five minutes each from cutting out to sewing to stuffing to being done!) my friends mom was staring at me. I kept looking over there and I finally said, "Hi!" She looks at me and says, "I hate crafty people... cause I can't do it myself!" And starts laughing! hahahah.

Happy Crafting/Sewing/Screen Printing/Baking!

(Oh, P.S. I got these two pumpkins from Anchorage, for $5.50 and $6.05 @ $.033 each, THEN I went to get one from OUR store, the monopoly store and spent $17 on one half the size....)


jen said...

Want the recipe, please!!

Rebecca said...

Recipe please. I also hate crafty people, I can't even thread a needle. I can however do a triple pirouette. On point.

Rebecca said...

Recipe please. I also hate crafty people, I can't even thread a needle. I can however do a triple pirouette. On point.

Jerry said...

Hope you toast and salt your pumpkin seeds - Yumm